• Elder Care in America

Elder Care in America on CNN

CNN recently aired an episode of "Inside Man" hosted by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Morgan explains that over 70% of Americans 65 and over will need long-term care at some point. Watch a clip from the episode below. See More Clips

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  • Enduring Love YouTube Video

Enduring Love

We applaud the thousands of home care businesses who make life a little easier for those they care for. Someone who cares can make a huge impact on the life of another. Make sure you have a box of tissues before watching this.

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  • Infographic - Top 5 Reasons Why Consumer Choose a Home Care Provider Thumbnail

Top 5 Reasons Why Consumers Choose a Home Care Provider (Infographic)

Take a look at this infographic we have created to show the top 5 reasons why consumers are choosing a home care provider. We have more infographics on the way so stay tuned for more on our blog in the comming weeks. Let us know what you think in the [...]

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