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Understanding Your Clients is Key to Earning Their Referrals.

The distractions that come with owning a home care business can demand your attention in ways that make you forget why you wanted to get into home care in the first place – you want to care for people. As the baby boomers head into retirement, home care providers have a great opportunity to grow, and client referrals play a big role. In order for clients to give you referrals, they need to be satisfied with the service you provide. Working with Home Care Pulse gives you a detailed view into the opinion your clients have of your agency, allowing you to make improvements and provide better care.

We Help You Earn Referrals and Improve Satisfaction. Here’s how.

Satisfaction Management

caregiver and client
Your clients are more than happy to give you referrals, but only if they love the care they’re receiving. We interview a subset of your clients each month and provide you with detailed feedback and reports, showing what your clients love about your company, as well as areas that could improve.
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Best of Home Care® Awards

2017 Best of Home Care Provider of Choice
Providers who enroll in our Client Satisfaction Management Program become eligible, based on their satisfaction scores, to receive the Best of Home Care® Provider of Choice Award. This award can be used in your marketing efforts to showcase your dedication to providing outstanding care.
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Benchmarking Data

2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study Cover
The Home Care Benchmarking Study, conducted by Home Care Pulse each year, provides you with information like top recruitment sources, pay ranges, benefits and more. Use this data to determine what you can do to attract top talent.
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Training & Resources

Resource Library
Sometimes you just want a few tips to help you improve. We publish new tools and resources every month in our interactive reporting system, as well as on Use these resources to fine-tune your marketing, operations, recruiting and other efforts.
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