3 Reasons to Send Out 6-Month Inform Letters

Home Care Pulse Inform LetterWant to increase feedback from your clients and caregivers?

Just a quick reminder that if you have not done so in the past 6 months, July is an excellent time to send your clients and caregivers inform letters reminding them of your partnership with Home Care Pulse. The inform letter serves three purposes in helping your home care business grow:

First – When clients are made aware of your partnership with Home Care Pulse they will recognize your commitment to providing the best in-home care possible. They will see your commitment to quality care and in gathering their feedback to continue improving your services.

Second – On occasion it’s a good idea to make your clients and caregivers aware of your recent recognition and accomplishments. This helps reconfirm their decision as to why they selected your home care company. With the Home Care Pulse Certified, Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice and Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice awards, there are now more opportunities than ever to let them know of your recent accomplishments.

Third – Unlike mailed surveys with an average response rate of 5% or less, Home Care Pulse has an average response rate of 95+% month after month based upon our model of interviewing your clients and caregivers. The inform letter will serve as a friendly reminder of our partnership and makes your client and caregivers aware of who we are the next time we call. It also reminds them to take just a few minutes to participate in the interview, thus providing your with the high quality feedback you are looking for.

To make the process of sending inform letters to your clients and caregivers as easy as possible, below are inform letter templates for both clients and caregivers. All you need to do is customize the letter for your home care agency, and they are ready to be mailed or included in your next billing statement.

6 Month Caregiver Inform Letter Template

6 Month Client Inform Letter Template

For more tools to help your home care business grow, please check out the resource center as part of your Home Care Pulse online account.

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