Client Satisfaction


The Positive Impact of Negative Feedback

Do you look forward to receiving negative feedback from your clients? Maybe you should. Negative [...]


Negative Feedback Response Template

This is a sample letter template you can use when responding to negative feedback from [...]


Client Type Discovery Worksheet


The purpose of this worksheet is to help you categorize your clients. By going through [...]


Determining the Right Staffing Levels For Your Home Care Business


Staffing your home care business can at times be a careful balancing act. It requires [...]

Creating a Client Journey Map

Creating a Client Journey Map to Improve Client Satisfaction


Peter Drucker once said that “the only profit center is the customer.” The satisfaction of [...]

Sample Client Journey Map

Sample Client Journey Map


This sample Client Journey Map outlines all of client touch points broken down in stages. [...]


Increasing Quality of Care Through Caregiver Training

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Many providers are seeking ways to better engage their caregivers and to improve their quality [...]


Growth Through Customer Service: Building a Culture of Caring in Your Home Care Agency


No matter what you do, you will inevitably have unhappy clients. And with 85% of [...]


Guide for Friday Client Check-up Calls


Performing Friday Client Check-up calls is one of the best ways you can improve the [...]


5 Things You Should Know to Grow Your Home Care Business in 2015

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In this webinar replay, Aaron discusses the five most important things home care providers should [...]


Four Proven Strategies for Turning Your Clients into Your Best Promoters


Every home care business dreams of the day they dan honestly boast, "Our clients are [...]


How to Match a Client with the Perfect Caregiver

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Providing outstanding care to your clients is more than filling in a schedule. As a [...]