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Capturing Positive Client Feedback and How to Use It

Most often when gathering client feedback, we are focused on how we can uncover and [...]

When to Hire a Sales Rep

When to Hire a Sales Rep

Have you wondered if hiring a sales representative makes sense for your business? Maybe it’s [...]


Sample Sales Rep Position Agreement

Use this Sample Sales Rep Position Agreement as a reference as you create your own [...]


Client Type Discovery Worksheet


The purpose of this worksheet is to help you categorize your clients. By going through [...]


Setting up a Campaign for Working with Professional Referral Sources

According to the 2015 Private Duty Benchmarking Study, referrals from home health agencies alone made [...]


Senior Care Consultant Monthly Review

This document provides a checklist for your Senior Care Consultant or sales representative to review [...]

Managing Perceptions

Marketing for Home Care Pt. 3 – Managing Perceptions and Relationships With Your Community

Home Care is very community-driven, more so than most other industries. Personal relationships are among [...]

Search Engine Optimization For Reaching Local Audiences

Marketing for Home Care Pt. 2 – Search Engine Optimization For Reaching Local Audiences

The 2015 Private Duty Benchmarking Study lists Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the number one [...]


Webpage Element Checklist

Use this Webpage Element Checklist to determine the goals and layout of your web pages [...]


Marketing for Home Care Pt. 1 – How to Set up a Proper Consumer-Centered Website

According to research conducted by Home Care Pulse, the largest perceived challenge facing home care [...]


Webpage Planner

The Webpage Planner is built on best user experience practices and designed to help you [...]


Building Mutual Relationships with Professional Referral Sources

According to the Private Duty Benchmarking Study, many home care providers feel their greatest opportunity [...]


Referral Source Portfolio Checklist

This PDF checklist will help you remember everything you should take with you when meeting [...]


5 Key Findings from the 2015 Private Duty Benchmarking Study

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The first quarter of each year, Home Care Pulse hosts and conducts the Private Duty [...]


Writing Your Company Story

This tool will help you as you write your home care business's story. The Company [...]

Referral Card Sample

Referral Card Sample

Use this sample as you create your own referral cards with your own offer and [...]


Client Referral Program Letter Sample

This is a sample letter that you might send to a client or their family [...]


Establishing a Client Referral Program

According to data from the annual Private Duty Benchmarking Studies, client referrals have been the [...]

Marketing-Checklist [LANDSCAPE]

Home Care Marketing Checklist

Designed to help you build an effective, modern marketing strategy that fits your agency, this [...]

What Top Home Care Provider Do Differently

What Top Home Care Providers Do Differently to Grow Their Business

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In this CORE webinar Erik discusses a few interesting facts about the leading home care [...]


Referral Source Flyer Sample

This sample flyer PDF shows you how you can market your home care business to [...]


Referral Source Options List

Each year Home Care Pulse® conducts the "Home Care Benchmarking Study." From the study, we've [...]


Inquiry Tracking Tool


Use this spreadsheet to track client inquiries as they come in. Keep track of inquiry [...]

The New and Why You’ll Love It

Watch as Home Care Pulse COO, Erik Madsen and Director of Marketing, Chris Marcum, explain [...]


Understanding the Top 5 Reasons Consumers Choose a Home Care Provider

In this 30 minute webinar, Home Care Pulse COO, Erik Madsen shares what makes a [...]


How to Increase New Client Acquisitions

In this webinar sponsored by Kinnser ADL, JC Weber, Manager of Research Integrity at Home [...]


Creating and Managing a Blog for SEO

A well crafted blog shows search engines that you are an expert in your industry. [...]


Optimizing Web Pages for Search Engines

While search engines are possibly the most advanced "software programs" on the planet, they still [...]


Performing Keyword Research

While the SEO world is constantly changing, keyword research is still a large part of [...]


The Dos and Don’ts of Link Building

Google’s goal is to deliver the best search results to their searchers, but before they [...]


Understanding Search Engines

Whether we like it or not, search engines are the gatekeepers to the Internet. In [...]


Four Proven Strategies for Turning Your Clients into Your Best Promoters


Every home care business dreams of the day they dan honestly boast, "Our clients are [...]