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What Do Caregivers Look For In a Provider?

Are you having unexplained caregiver turnover? Are you struggling to hire caregivers? It may be time to reevaluate your business and realize what caregivers want in a provider. Home Care Pulse has interviewed thousands of caregivers to discover what they look for in a provider, and here is what [...]

Sep 23, 2016|Articles|0 Comments
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Increase Caregiver Engagement by Providing Opportunities for Growth

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, 70% of U.S. workers, including caregivers, are not engaged while at work. Many employees feel as though their work goes unnoticed and they have no real opportunities to advance, which causes them to become dissatisfied with their daily tasks. When [...]

Apr 25, 2016|Articles|3 Comments
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Caregiver Training Topics that Promote Well-Rounded Client Care

Since many caregivers begin working with little or no experience in caregiving, training is a critical part of preparing to perform their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Quality training allows caregivers to feel confident in their work, and in turn, it helps clients to feel well cared for and more [...]

Mar 24, 2016|Articles|0 Comments
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Tips for Performing Caregiver Reviews That Make a Difference

All employees need to understand how their performance impacts those they serve, and this is especially true for caregivers. Meeting with caregivers one-on-one is crucial in helping them understand their value to your agency. When issues arise, these one-on-one meetings also allow supervisors to ask questions and better understand the [...]

May 19, 2015|Articles|0 Comments
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Increase Caregiver Productivity through Flexible Work Schedules

In 2008, Jon Huntsman, Utah Governor, moved the majority of Utah’s state employees to a four-day workweek hoping to reduce energy expenses. The state government surveyed a few months after the switch and found the new, flexible schedule had increased employee productivity, lowered commuting costs, and reduced traffic congestion. A [...]

May 4, 2015|Articles|4 Comments
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Retain Your Caregivers by Caring for Them

A few weeks ago we wrote about improving your training efforts to decrease caregiver turnover. And as helpful as increasing training can be, it’s only part of the solution. Caregiver shortages have always been an issue, but according to the Private Duty Benchmarking Study, it’s becoming more and more [...]

Apr 3, 2015|Articles|5 Comments
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Encouraging Your Home Care Clients to Be Active When They Don’t Want to Be

This article is not meant to be an in-depth handbook for treating immobility, but rather a starting point for considering the circumstances of your clients, and finding new ways to encourage them to be active. As a home care provider, you don’t need to be told how important it is [...]

Oct 21, 2014|Articles|3 Comments
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Caring for Your Clients: Teach Your Caregivers to Cook

The average person will eat around 80,000 meals in their lifetime, which makes it easy to view meals as another item on the to-do list. For caregivers, who are usually trying to squeeze a full day of chores into a few hours, it can be difficult to spend time on [...]

Sep 29, 2014|Articles|2 Comments
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Accommodating Culture, Religion, and Spirituality in Home Care

You and your home care business provide important services. When your clients need their medication, you are there; when they need help cleaning their home, you put on your yellow gloves; when they need help with personal grooming and care, you extend a helping hand. So what more can you do [...]

Sep 22, 2014|Articles|0 Comments
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How to Create a Successful Employee Referral Program

Finding, hiring and retaining high-quality caregivers can be your biggest challenge as a home care business owner. According to the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study,” more and more home care businesses are utilizing an employee referral program to find new caregivers. In 2012, only 9.2% noted that employee referrals were [...]

Aug 19, 2014|Articles|0 Comments
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