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Defining and Changing the Culture of Your Home Care Business

Your company culture determines the value and appeal of your company. However, despite its importance, culture can be easy to overlook and difficult to define. As you work to ensure that your company moves in the direction that you want, it’s important you understand, assess, and shape the culture that [...]

Oct 14, 2015|Articles|0 Comments
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How to Combat and Prevent Gossip in Your Home Care Business

Sholem Aleichem once said that “gossip is nature’s telephone,” but whether or not gossip is natural, it can be bad for business. When negative, destructive gossip starts infiltrating an office, it can quickly destroy a positive company culture. When caregivers begin talking about their clients, you also have a potential [...]

Sep 15, 2015|Articles|0 Comments
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Building Culture for Your Home Care Company through Unity

In order to survive the coming challenges facing the home care industry, every member of your team needs to be pursuing the same end. It’s the whole “United we stand, divided we fall” mantra, and it applies to every aspect of your business. But knowing the importance of unity doesn’t [...]

May 12, 2015|Articles|0 Comments
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Accommodating Culture, Religion, and Spirituality in Home Care

You and your home care business provide important services. When your clients need their medication, you are there; when they need help cleaning their home, you put on your yellow gloves; when they need help with personal grooming and care, you extend a helping hand. So what more can you do [...]

Sep 22, 2014|Articles|0 Comments
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