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How to Build Work Relationships with Your Staff

Building a relationship with your staff is more than company picnics and the occasional small talk. The strongest managers are relationship oriented and forward thinking. They prioritize their employees needs and then create action plans to meet those needs. They are aware of the morale of their team and [...]

Jul 14, 2016|Articles|0 Comments
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Tips for Retaining Your A+ Caregivers

Although recruiting A+ caregivers can be difficult, the hardest part has become retaining them. There are no guarantees when hiring a new employee, as some plan to keep the job and others continue looking for a “better” one. So, what can you do to help your caregivers be happy with [...]

Sep 25, 2013|Articles|6 Comments
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Tips for Recruiting A+ Caregivers for Your Home Care Business

Hard working and loyal caregivers set your home care business apart, leading to a solid reputation and an increase in referrals. So when hiring, how can you tell if the person is an A+ caregiver? Identifying A+ Caregivers Before hiring a caregiver, first take a look at their circumstances. Is [...]

Sep 23, 2013|Articles|11 Comments
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Weeding through Caregiver Résumés: Home Care Management Tips

Many are still struggling for work, and competition has caused some to stretch the facts on their résumés, making them appear more qualified than they actually are. As you’re hiring caregivers for your home care business, how can you tell if a résumé is sprinkled with exaggerations? Forbes wrote an [...]

Sep 18, 2013|Articles|0 Comments
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5 Steps to Growing Your Home Care Business

With the market becoming increasingly competitive, how can you make your home care business stand out as the clear choice? Well, because research is what we do, we conducted a home care survey to find out why clients pick the provider they do, and what keeps them loyal afterward. This research [...]

Aug 20, 2013|Articles|1 Comment
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Hiring Qualified Caregivers for Your Home Care Business

As a home care provider, you’re being hired to care for someone who matters a great deal. If someone is going to give you their business, they want to know you’ll take good care of them or their loved one. It’s not uncommon for prospective clients to ask for details regarding the [...]

Aug 12, 2013|Articles|0 Comments
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