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The Benefits of Offering Caregiver and Office Staff Benefits

As modern workplaces fight to remain competitive, they find that they not only have to compete for clients but also for employees. Home care providers are all too familiar with this growing need to compete for quality caregivers and staff. According to the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Study, caregiver turnover [...]

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4 Ways to Use Your Home Care Pulse Reports to Improve Customer Retention

According to a study by the Harvard Business School, “increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.” Despite this, many leaders neglect to make customer retention a major part of their business plans. Luckily, there are a few simple ways you can use the data and [...]

Aug 6, 2015|Articles|1 Comment
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Increase Your Caregiver Training to Decrease Your Caregiver Turnover

Last week we shared tips for hiring quality caregivers, but how do you hold onto these outstanding employees once you have them? According to the Private Duty Benchmarking Study, the median caregiver turnover rate for the home care industry was 53.2% in 2013. Turnover like this communicates instability to your [...]

Feb 4, 2015|Articles|1 Comment
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Caregiver Reviews: Ways You Can Make Them More Effective

Caregiver reviews. The term alone puts a bad taste in the mouth of employees and employers alike. While the reasons for this may vary from business to business, and even employee to employee, one common problem with performance reviews is frequency. Most companies are only implementing an annual system, which [...]

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How to Create a Successful Employee Referral Program

Finding, hiring and retaining high-quality caregivers can be your biggest challenge as a home care business owner. According to the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study,” more and more home care businesses are utilizing an employee referral program to find new caregivers. In 2012, only 9.2% noted that employee referrals were [...]

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Building Relationships with the Family Members of Your Home Care Clients

For your home care business, clients are the center of all you do, and a part of being successful is building a strong and lasting relationship with them. When building relationships, it’s important to remember that you aren’t just building a relationship with clients, but their family as well. Family [...]

Mar 3, 2014|Articles|4 Comments
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Ideas for Getting Your Caregivers to Become Proactively Engaged in Training

You have planned important training opportunities for your caregivers during the upcoming months, and now the challenge is to motivate caregivers to attend. You can plan the most informative, valuable training opportunities, but without incentives, your caregivers may not make an effort to attend. True, many caregivers will attend training [...]

Feb 3, 2014|Articles|2 Comments
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What Do Caregivers Need to Know? Ideas for Training to Provide Your Caregivers

During interviews with home care clients, we, at Home Care Pulse, sometimes hear comments like this one: “I needed a caregiver who was trained and capable of lifting me, but the home care agency sent me a caregiver who didn’t know how to do it.” Clients can get frustrated if caregivers don’t [...]

Jan 6, 2014|Articles|4 Comments
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Tips for Retaining Your A+ Caregivers

Although recruiting A+ caregivers can be difficult, the hardest part has become retaining them. There are no guarantees when hiring a new employee, as some plan to keep the job and others continue looking for a “better” one. So, what can you do to help your caregivers be happy with [...]

Sep 25, 2013|Articles|6 Comments
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Hiring Qualified Caregivers for Your Home Care Business

As a home care provider, you’re being hired to care for someone who matters a great deal. If someone is going to give you their business, they want to know you’ll take good care of them or their loved one. It’s not uncommon for prospective clients to ask for details regarding the [...]

Aug 12, 2013|Articles|0 Comments
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