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How to Make Your Website More Senior Friendly

A growing number of home care clients are turning to the web to select a home care agency, and many providers are improving their websites to accommodate that shift. The 2015 Private Duty Benchmarking Study shows that 40.5% of leading home care providers rated web sources as their top consumer [...]

Jun 16, 2015|Articles|0 Comments
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10 Best Apps for Seniors

Though technology can be daunting for many seniors, a recent study by the Pew Research Center shows that tech use among seniors is on [...]

Jun 4, 2015|Articles|0 Comments
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Caring for Your Clients: Teach Your Caregivers to Cook

The average person will eat around 80,000 meals in their lifetime, which makes it easy to view meals as another item on the to-do list. For caregivers, who are usually trying to squeeze a full day of chores into a few hours, it can be difficult to spend time on [...]

Sep 29, 2014|Articles|2 Comments
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Accommodating Culture, Religion, and Spirituality in Home Care

You and your home care business provide important services. When your clients need their medication, you are there; when they need help cleaning their home, you put on your yellow gloves; when they need help with personal grooming and care, you extend a helping hand. So what more can you do [...]

Sep 22, 2014|Articles|0 Comments
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Today Is World Hepatitis Day: Are You Protecting Yourself and Your Clients?

Today, July 28th, is World Hepatitis Day. Organized by the World Hepatitis Alliance, this day is set aside to educate the world about hepatitis. This year’s motto is “Think Again,” encouraging us to remember that hepatitis is a dangerous disease that can spread just like HIV—and be prevented with the [...]

Jul 28, 2014|Articles|0 Comments
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Caregiver Tip: Avoiding Eye Injury

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2,000 eye injuries occur each day in the U.S., and half of those occur in the workplace. The sad thing is that most of those injuries could have been avoided by simple safety precautions. Are you protecting your eyes while [...]

Jul 15, 2014|Articles|5 Comments
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Growing Your Home Care Business by Increasing Client Referrals

This week, we continue our discussion of the top marketing sources by discussing referral marketing. Here’s what over 500 home care business owners have to say about this form of marketing, according to the latest home care industry survey results published in the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study”: Clients, [...]

Jun 16, 2014|Articles|0 Comments
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Caregiver Tip: Recognizing Stroke Symptoms

May is National Stroke Awareness Month and the perfect time to learn the symptoms of a stroke. According to the American Heart Association (AHA) “Together to End Stroke: Spring 2014 Fact Sheet,” one in three Americans don’t know the warning signs of a stroke. Are you one of them? Are [...]

May 14, 2014|Articles|1 Comment
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Caregiver Tip: Nutrition for Seniors

March is National Nutrition Month, sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In light of this, we were hoping to start a discussion about seniors and nutrition, and the impact your caregivers can have on the overall health of those they care for. Many caregivers prepare meals for those [...]

Mar 13, 2014|Articles|0 Comments
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Remaining Positive and Professional in Handling Difficult Clients

As a professional or family caregiver, you work with many different kinds of clients. Some are easy to get along with, while others can be a bit more difficult. While this can be frustrating, try to remember your client is experiencing many frustrations of their own, and you are there [...]

Feb 24, 2014|Articles|5 Comments
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