Company Description

At Home Care Pulse, our goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of millions of aging seniors across North America. We do this by working closely with home care providers to gauge the quality of care they provide their clients and coach them on possible improvements that could be made. We do what we do because we believe that every person deserves to age with dignity, respect, and love.

We believe in living our Core Values. We hire, fire, review, recognize, and reward based upon these values. Please do not apply if you cannot live by these core values:

  1. Service Minded – A can do attitude. Generous with our time. Selfless.
  2. Passionate – Contributing. Positive attitude. Shared WHY.
  3. Driven – Ownership. Forward thinking. Pro-active. Committed.
  4. Problem Solver – Resourceful. Collaborative. Attentive. Data driven.
  5. Continuous Learning – Teachable. Humble. Vulnerable. Insightful.

Position Summary

Home Care Pulse is growing quickly, and we are looking to add talented and dedicated people to our team. A critical element of our business involves finding new business that would benefit from our services and demonstrating these benefits to decision makers within the business. Our account development intern will help to organize and streamline the process of finding new leads and qualifying them to meet with our account executives.

This position is intended for a recent college graduate or a student graduating soon. It is an entry-level position designed to last 6-12 months and lead into a long-term customer success or sales role.

As a member of our business development team, you will learn technical sales strategies and techniques as you assist in various stages of the lead generation process. This includes strategic prospecting, cold-calling, setting appointments, managing leads, and working with both sales and marketing teams to increase leads and optimize our sales funnel. You will work extensively in our contact database system and gain a strong understanding of sales automation processes essential to modern sales strategy.

The ideal candidate is proactive, driven to deliver results despite setbacks and discouragement, and excited for the opportunity to learn about the sales and lead generation process from the inside. You will receive excellent training and experience but will be held to a high bar for both effort and results.

Our goal is to develop people–if you are interested in a long-term sales and marketing position at Home Care Pulse, hungry to develop your skills and abilities, and willing to put in the work, this position is for you.

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Location: Rexburg, ID
Company: Home Care Pulse, LLC
Reporting to: Director of Business Development
Status: Full-Time, but flexible depending on school schedule if needed
Compensation: Hourly or Salary (Based on Experience) Plus Performance Bonuses

Please DO apply if:

  • you’re looking for a job where you can use your skills to make a positive impact on those you are working with.

  • you have a strong work ethic and are organized in your approach to work and life.

  • you love working with people and delivering outstanding timely results in each of your areas of responsibility.

  • you have a passion for changing lives, specifically the lives of the elderly and those who care for them.

Do NOT apply if:

  • you want a job where there are no minimum requirements and no accountability in meeting your goals and targets.

  • you think just showing up to work is good enough.

  • you’re not willing to perform some mundane tasks. Like most jobs, sales enablement requires a significant amount of work behind the scenes.

  • you are easily discouraged or uncomfortable with cold-calling over the phone.

Duties and Corresponding Responsibilities

  • Working with the Director of Business Development, Account Executives, and Marketing team.

  • Assisting with organizational tasks within our contact management system to streamline the process of generating and nurturing sales leads

  • Collaborating with our marketing team to identify new opportunities to increase leads and conversions

  • Performing analysis within CRM software to identify ways to improve our sales funnel

  • Helping with our lead generation process by contacting leads through outbound calls and other channels including email

  • Performing other related duties as needed to support our marketing and sales teams


  • Basic understanding of sales and marketing principles

  • Interested in gaining experience in B2B sales and marketing as well as the SaaS (software-as-a-service) space

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Proactive self starter who can work effectively without close supervision

  • Resilient; remains motivated despite setbacks or discouragement

  • Identifies with our core values: service-minded, passionate, driven, continuously learning, and problem solving.

  • Strong problem solver with the creativity and persistence to find innovative solutions to problems