Steady-ClientsThe need for a caregiver can be taxing on all parties involved. Family members feel helpless to the needs of their loved one, home care providers and caregivers are tasked with the client’s well-being and safety, and the client often struggles to recognize themselves as they age and lose independence. But despite the challenges, the expectation falls on you to make this a positive experience for everyone, and one of the key elements of this is providing stable assignments to your caregivers.

By “stable assignments” we simply mean keeping your caregivers matched up with the same clients as much as possible. Clearly you will experience times where your caregivers need to take time off or need to fill in for someone else, and when those things happen be sure to communicate them clearly, in advance, to the client and family. But the general rule should be to keep matches consistent, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Relationships

By keeping caregiving assignments consistent, you allow time for relationships to form between the caregiver and client. This relationship of trust and mutual respect is necessary to ensure your clients are happy with the care they’re receiving, and your caregivers are happy with their job. And family members like to know the caregiver of their loved one by name.

2. Familiarity

When caregivers are familiar with their clients, they understand their routines. These routines could include things as serious as proper times to take medication, as well as things that may seem minor, like what time the client prefers to eat their meals. The caregiver understanding these routines makes both their life and the life of the client less stressful.

3. Stability

Your clients are already experiencing enough change in their lives, and your caregivers have their own families and problems to worry about. The more “in flux” your caregiver assignments are, the less stable both parties feel, which has a negative impact on their satisfaction. Keeping assignments consistent has the opposite effect, and lets both parties know they can trust you.

4. Simplicity

The members of your office staff have their own to-do lists each day, and those lists can quickly become quite long. Consistent caregiver assignments create simplicity for your scheduling managers and supervisors, which allows them to spend the necessary time accomplishing all of their other duties.

Jim Rohn, an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, once said, “One customer well taken care of is more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” Having set caregiver-client relationships in place will increase both caregiver and client loyalty to your agency. Clients and caregivers will also both be more inclined to recommend your agency to others looking for similar services or employment.

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  1. Jordan March 23, 2015 at 9:43 am - Reply

    Great post on why it’s great to keep one client with one caregiver – the trust they form can help ease transitions happening in the client’s life. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Rigoberto M. Hill March 24, 2015 at 8:08 am - Reply

    Its a fact on how a parent’s role is transitioned into an adult child as they start aging. As this aging process initializes in a human being, he/she starts being weak physically and mentally as well. In such a stage, its not only about to provide health care support that heals them physically but also support them mentally. Health care services in countries like Torronto provide home care ensuring highest level of health assistanceAs this blog conceptualize on how matured parent is transitioned into an adult child, it is considerable to engage caregivers in all their health care activities with all supervision, comfort and independence.

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