10 Ways to Keep Your Home Care Clients Happy

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To keep your current customers happy, you need to be providing the best care possible. Here are 10 simple rules you can follow to increase loyalty and push your client satisfaction ratings through the roof. 

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Did you know that the US home healthcare market is projected to grow about 7% annually up to $173 billion by 2026? With projections predicting more demand for home care services in the future, competition in this market will only grow. Because of this, the question becomes: how do I make my home care business more appealing to prospective clients, and how do I keep the clients I’ve already won?

Simply put, you need to keep your current customers happy by providing the best service possible, and they’ll do your advertising for you by providing referrals. Here are 10 simple rules you can follow to increase loyalty and push your client satisfaction ratings through the roof:

#1: Be human

Nobody likes to converse with a robot. By acknowledging and responding to the needs of your clients in an honest, caring way, they will feel heard and more satisfied with your services.

Interact with your clients, resolve issues, and genuinely care about them above and beyond. The first step to creating a good client-agency experience is forming a bond and letting that serve as the basis of further interaction. No relationship (even professional) can take off without a designated runway first – which is where genuine human-to-human interaction comes in.

#2: Be respectful

Yes, you’re the professional, and clients won’t always know what it is they need. But be sure you don’t come on too strong or be too opinionated. A bad reputation spreads like a wildfire, so make sure your employees know it is never acceptable to be rude.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “the client/customer is always right.” While it’s certainly up for debate in some cases, it’s a good rule to live by anytime you have someone paying you to meet their needs. Make sure you’re providing the best care possible in a courteous way.

#3: Engage with them

The best way to get to know your clients is to interact with them. Set up social media accounts, emails, and subscribe to web forums to interact with current and prospective clients. Use these channels as opportunities to hear what they’re saying.

You can also advertise these accounts on your website, emails and anywhere else it’s appropriate. Social media has become the easiest yet most effective form of communicating to current and prospective clients. The best part is, it’s usually free.

#4: Say thank you

A simple “thank you” goes a long way. Three out of four customers report staying with a company because they have a history of positive experiences.

By acknowledging your clients’ business through thank-you cards and other notes when they hire you, clients feel important and it sets the stage for a mutually positive relationship.

#5: Listen to and act on feedback

Most clients are not out to hurt your feelings when they provide negative feedback. They’re just expressing something that matters to them.

As you’re evaluating how to improve your business, you should take that feedback seriously and act on requests or complaints. If you’re taking the time and putting forth the effort to listen to your clients and act on their requests, they will notice and appreciate it.

#6: Build trust

When a client doubts your dedication to their issues, they will not recommend your services. To improve trust and build a stronger relationship, you need to be punctual with appointments, responsive with requests, and available around the clock.

By demonstrating how dependable your business is, your clients will know they don’t have to worry about things slipping through the cracks.

#7: Be transparentnt

Transparency is becoming increasingly important in home care. While his doesn’t mean you need to tell every client about every mistake your company makes, you should be proactive when issues arise.

By alerting clients of possible changes in advance, they won’t be caught off guard by unwelcome surprises, which might otherwise cause a negative experience with your company.

#8: Follow through

This relates back to building trust. Don’t leave things unresolved and keep the lines of communication open.

F.W. Nichol said, “When you get right down to the root of the meaning of the word “succeed,” you find that it simply means following through.”

#9: Be humble

We don’t commonly hear clients complain that their home care providers are too humble and too willing to take responsibility. In your clients’ minds, they’re right. This is their perception, and whether it’s reality or not is irrelevant. Apologize for mix-ups and don’t be prideful or arrogant, even if it truly wasn’t your fault.

#10: Maintain your presence

As care providers, you play an active role in the lives of your clients. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count, like sending flowers or hand-written notes.

You can also contact clients about discounts, giveaways and special deals. Staying top-of-mind with your clients in a caring, human way will boost referrals and satisfaction.

Walt Disney said it best: “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Only by putting your clients first will they feel safe and secure in your care. And only then will they refer their family and friends.

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