If you read and watch nothing else from Home Care Pulse this year, these are the staff-favorite posts you can’t afford to miss. 

Whose 2021 went exactly as planned? If you didn’t have time for all 12 webinars, 42 podcasts, and 111 blog posts that Home Care Pulse published this year, we get it—but we don’t want you to miss out.

We polled our content experts on their favorite resources we’ve produced this year, then put together the ultimate reading list. If you’ve enjoyed a relaxing holiday and are feeling antsy to start on your New Year’s resolutions, this is the list you’ve been waiting for. These recommendations will help you with:

  • Caregiver Recruitment and Retention 

  • Caring For Your Caregivers 

  • Growing Your Business

Grab a plate of holiday leftovers and get ready to create your 2022 game plan. 

Caregiver Recruitment and Retention

“The Long-Term Strategy to Attract Caregivers—and What We’re Doing to Help With It”

94% of agencies have had to turn down a client case due to a lack of caregivers. The caregiver shortage is forcing agency owners to chase quick wins out of necessity, such as improved job postings and applicant tracking.

Quick wins like these are important, but they won’t solve the problem when there aren’t enough applicants in the first place. This is a long-term caregiver shortage that requires a long-term strategy to solve. Learn how building an employer brand is the solution that will bring caregivers to you (and what we’re planning to do about it).

Top 10 Reasons Your Caregivers Are Leaving — And How to Retain Them

This webinar with the former CEO of Home Care Pulse, Erik Madsen, shares the secrets we’ve learned from over 50,000 caregiver surveys. He uncovers the root problem behind the caregiver shortage and shares the startling reasons why staff are leaving in record numbers.

Learn how the needs and priorities of caregivers have changed throughout the years and how you can give them exactly what they’re looking for to stop them from leaving.

How Angels On Call Used Home Care Pulse to Build a Reputation that Increased Caregiver Applicants 26% Year-Over-Year”

Ever wish you could know exactly how your employees felt about your agency, then share their thoughts with the world? Angels On Call looked to do just that with their survey program—until they realized they weren’t getting accurate results.

Learn how Home Care Pulse helped Angels On Call to implement a better system that improved their reputation and increased applications by 26%.

Caring for Your Caregivers

Battling COVID-19 in 2021

2021 wasn’t quite the knight in shining armor we were hoping would rescue us from the pandemic. COVID-19 has reshaped the scope of the home care industry—a daunting challenge for an agency owner to face alone.

This updated COVID-19 training provides the latest information on the use of pulse oximetry at home, FAQs about vaccines and variants, and the possibilities and challenges of reaching herd immunity.

The Warning Signs of Compassion Fatigue in Your Employees — And What You Can Do About It”

Warning: Your most confident, experienced, and toughest employees may be on the verge of a breakdown. Between a holiday season that’s still being affected by the pandemic and the everyday stressors of the job, employees in the hospice and home care industries are struggling with extreme compassion fatigue.

How you respond as an agency will prove vital to their health and success. Learn how to spot the warning signs of impaired grief processing and stop compassion fatigue in its tracks.

Home Care Scheduler Success Series

On average, 5 caregivers will leave your agency for every office staff member who quits. This means that it costs your agency an average of $19,500 to replace a single scheduler—which makes them one of your most valuable assets.

That’s why we created the Scheduler Success Series, with easy-to-digest snippets on every topic a scheduler needs to succeed in their critical role.

Discover how this training is helping schedulers across the country match clients to the right caregivers, handle complaints with confidentiality, and understand how to use a care plan while scheduling.

Growing Your Business

 “What is an Employment Brand and Why Should You Care?” 

If employer branding isn’t marketing, advertising, telemarketing, or even public relations—what is it and how does it apply to home care? 

Since 71% of job seekers would not accept a job offer from an employer with a weak or bad employment brand, a strong employer brand is the deciding factor for which agencies stay in business. Learn how you can brand your services to attract more clients and your employment opportunities to attract more applicants. 

 M&A: Why You Need to Run Your Home Care Business as Though You’ll Own It for the Next 25 Years 

In our most popular podcast of the year, Todd Allen, CEO of AxisCare and Ari Medoff, CEO of Arosa answer the top questions agencies are asking about the current M&A landscape. They give their game plan for executives to set up their businesses for a future buy/sell. 

“It takes a huge amount of emotion, emotional strength and problem-solving skills, and that can wear on people—especially owners. When the average business is a million and a half to $2 million in revenue, that means you don’t have a big team to disperse some of those challenges. When owners feel like they’ve hit a plateau or are starting to get jaded or burnt out you know, before that goes on too long, I think that’s a great time to think about selling.” 

Learn how to determine the perfect time to sell your home care agency and how you’ll know when you’re ready.  

 Home Care TV 

There are too many great resources on our new video platform for us to pick just one. With Home Care TV, you can get bite-sized tips for growing your agency that will also keep you entertained on your lunch break. 

With new videos released weekly, you can stay up to date on the latest in retention and recruitment, operations, sales and marketing, and training management. Tune in for highlights from our podcasts, webinars, and interviews with industry leaders. 

 The 12th Annual Edition of the Home Care Benchmarking Study 

In the industry’s most comprehensive annual report, we share exclusive metrics from the thousands of surveys we perform each year. 

Not only does this report guide our articles, it also helps agency owners like you hop on the latest home care trends and see how your agency compares to your competitors. Make data-driven decisions for your agency in 2022 by signing up to receive your own copy. 

2021 Home Care Growth Summit 

This 100% remote, 3-day conference features over 20 of the top home care industry experts as they share their strategies to help your agency succeed like never before. 

You’ll learn how to score heavy-hitting referral partnerships, set your sales and marketing budgets, avoid lawsuits, and more. Register to learn from industry leaders nationwide, right from the comfort of your own home.  

Thank You for Being a Part of Our Year

As we reflect on this past year, the vote is unanimous: the best part of our 2021 was YOU. 

That’s why we’re here to help you start the new year off right. Let us know in the comments what piece of content resonated with you the most this year and what you would like to see more of in 2022. 

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