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Caregiver turnover is rising at a rapid rate, and as a provider, you know how difficult it is to get and retain quality caregivers to for your home care business. In the push to recruit caregivers to fill immediate needs, often the wrong hiring decisions are made, and the issue of turnover is fueled. We’ve compiled a great list of the top methods for recruiting caregivers from the 2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study. Here are a few sources you may want to try:


This is the easiest and simplest way you can find a potential caregiver. By posting your job on your website, you can share it on your own social media pages and different Facebook groups you may belong too. You may also choose to post it on a different job posting website such and Monster, indeed, Hot Jobs, and Craigslist. Finding all-encompassing career-specific websites, such as Care.com, Caregiverlist.com, and myCNAjobs.com may help you find quality caregivers as well.

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To increase your chances of hiring quality caregivers, get creative with your online job posting. If you have some extra budget, consider getting with your marketing team and creating a fun video to showcase your company. Including a message which mentions you are hiring, and a call-to-action of how to apply could work wonders!

Employee Referral Program

Your stellar employees might know who could really help your business shine. Employee referrals are also less likely to add to your turnover issues. A study in 2015 found 56% of employee referrals hired had remained in their position for over five years. Starting an employee referral program benefits both your caregivers and the referred candidates. Your employees will feel as though you value and trust their opinion. The referred employee will feel confident if they already have a connection to the company. This can make them feel more engaged and it will be easy for them to fall into the culture of caregiving.

Career Fairs

 Attending career fairs provides you access to several candidates in a few hours. The best part about career fairs is your recruiting team can meet face-to-face with them. Increasing your brand awareness is another benefit from participating in these events. You can get your name out there and have people experience the culture of your company first hand. Business Insider mentioned you may find a whole new batch of candidates you have never even considered. Many businesses have in their minds what a strong talent profile may look like. Though, sometimes you may be surprised who ends up being the perfect candidate for a caregiver.

Word of Mouth

When you meet someone who seems like a perfect fit for your home care business ask them to apply. You don’t have to be in a professional setting to do this either! Mention you own or are a supervisor for a home care business and their personality would be a great fit for caregiving. People like to feel wanted. If you give the individual a business card, they could possibly apply to your company or refer a friend. Remember, you can find candidates in the most unexpected places, but you need to be proactive and aware of opportunities.

The perfect candidates for your home care agency are out there. Expressing your WHY throughout all our recruiting efforts will increase your success in reaching them. With these tips,  you’ll be even closer. Remember to share your Best of Home Care awards – especially if you’re an Employer of Choice award-winner – on your website so they know they are choosing a quality company to work for. Not familiar with Best of Home Care awards? Request a demo with a member of our team and learn how you can start earning them.

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