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According to a Gallup poll, companies fail to choose candidates with the right talents for managerial positions 82% of the time. Though providers want capable individuals who can lead their caregivers, they may be prioritizing the wrong qualities in their search. Studies show select characteristics define a good leader, and as you seeks individuals who possess these characteristics during the interview process, you’ll be able to find managers who will help your team grow.

1. Exemplary

The differences between a boss and a leader are distinct, and one of the most important is that a leader thinks in terms of we. The best supervisors don’t expect their caregivers to perform at a level of excellence or integrity that they themselves are not living up to. They lead by example. Rather than commanding the troops to ‘go there’ and ‘do this’, they say ‘let’s go there’ and ‘let’s do this’.

2. Trustworthy

As an important connecting point between providers and caregivers, supervisors need to have strong trusting relationships with the caregivers they oversee. Caregivers shouldn’t see their supervisors as dictators or police officers waiting for them to slip up. It’s important that caregivers can confide in their supervisors when problems or victories arise. When caregivers can trust and work with their supervisors, they are more likely to stick around and support their team.

3. Confident

According to Inc. writer Francisco Dao, “Self-confidence is the fundamental basis from which leadership grows.” A leader’s confidence determines the amount of authority and influence she or he will have with the team. Friendly supervisors can win their caregiver’s trust, but if they don’t also possess the assertiveness necessary to discipline or draw the line, they won’t win the respect of your caregivers.

4. Inspirational

Great managers are positive and realistic in helping their team to progress. If you think back on your best coaches or mentors, they are probably those individuals who could see your greater potential and knew how to help you reach it. Skilled managers have that ability to see their team’s potential for growth and provide the tools for them to make it possible. These managers are engaged with the company vision and translate that understanding to their employees. Caregivers who have someone rooting for them to succeed and showing them how are bound for success.

5. Decisive

Supervisors in a home care agency are faced with a daily assortment of challenging decisions to make regarding caregivers and clients, and it is critical that they know how to make those decisions quickly and efficiently. If a caregiver is running late or a client is having an emergency, a supervisor does not have time to hesitate before making a decision. She or he must quickly evaluate the options and act. Supervisors who are too hesitant to move forward or fear risk too much will ultimately cost their employer time and money.

The manager sets the culture and drive of a team and choosing the wrong one can have a significant impact on your company. And even though one candidate may have years of managerial experience, it’s their personal qualities and abilities that make them good at it. Take the time to carefully evaluate which qualities you need most in a supervisor, and be selective in finding these qualities.

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  1. jeanne giambrone May 2, 2016 at 9:33 pm - Reply

    Careful back round checks are extremely important to the welfare of both the client and company! Careful screening of all applicants is vital! Supervisors, get to know both caregivers and clients very well and careful placement of personalities so both will fit well together….Please no thieves, bullies, etc. Aloud in any establishment! Take the time to recruit top caregivers for your company and keep training with new techniques and technology…

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