Is post-acute care a dead-end job? Here’s why qualifying for industry awards and certifications is the only way to prove otherwise. 

True or false: Working for the post-acute care industry is a dead-end job. 

If you look at the industry’s recruitment and retention figures, you might say the above statement is true.

With a steady annual turnover rate of 65% for the last 3 years amid the largest care staff shortage in history, it is clear employers are struggling to showcase the value of the industry.

However, with 10,000 adults turning 65 each day, the post-acute care industry ranks in the top 5 fastest-growing industries in the US.

The post-acute care industry also provides entry-level positions with the most growth opportunities and unparalleled career advancement.

So how can you bridge the disconnect between the potential of the care continuum that you see versus your employees?

One word: influence.

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The Value of Being a Thought Leader in this Industry

HCP offers data analytics and eLearning tools that drive engagement and retention. With over 3,700 customers in the US and Canada, 100K active training users, 430K care professionals surveyed, 580K customers surveyed, and 1 million surveys performed — we’ve cultivated an industry-leading brand by offering solutions to millions of satisfied users across North America.

But none of this would be possible if we didn’t share those insights in a way that helped other industry leaders drive change and grow their businesses.

Anyone can claim to be an expert, but it’s meaningless without any kind of validation. For HCP, that validation comes in the form of the results our customers see: quantifiable increases in satisfaction, recruitment, retention, reputation, and care outcomes.

For post-acute care leaders, that can come in the form of widely recognized awards and certifications.

Why are Awards & Certifications Crucial in the Post-Acute Care Industry?

The post-acute care industry is at a critical juncture.

The success of the future of the care continuum will require all verticals—home care, home health, senior living, and hospice—to band together, holistically.

It’s critical to find measures of quality that speak to other verticals in a way that is understood across the industry. Which means less about competition, and more about communication.

It is now more vital than ever to establish your credibility and influence as a thought leader in the industry — and you do that through awards, certification, and recognition.

Not only will showcasing your company’s commitment to quality position you as a leader in the industry, but walking through the process of becoming qualified for such recognition will improve your own business’ quality of care.

But the best part qualifying for awards and certifications is the more post-acute care companies that make it standard practice, the more companies that will follow suit, and thus improve the overall quality and influence the post-acute care industry has on the continuum of care.

If you’re not quite sold yet, here are the reasons why you’ll want to start applying and qualifying as soon as you’re done reading this article:

Awards position post-acute care jobs as career opportunities

A 2023 study by PHI found that over half of all care staff have completed no formal education beyond high school, and 1 in 5 have at least one child under the age of 18 at home.

Which may be why 75% of the caregiving demographic are looking to pursue a career in nursing or healthcare.

That means 3 in every 4 of your employees are entering the caregiving profession with the intent to advance.

As a result, 83% of all post-acute care providers now offer specialized training courses that allow employees to specialize in their own interests. The more skills they have, the higher quality of care your organization will be able to provide, the more customers you’ll be able to acquire, and ultimately the more revenue your business will generate.

Showcase your company’s robust catalog of specialty courses and begin building your employees’ future to retain care staff in the industry for years to come.

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Awards demonstrate your commitment to quality care

Qualifying for awards and certifications won’t just strengthen your employee marketing, it will also bolster your company brand.

Stand out from the industry by:

  • Sharing your achievements with referral sources 

  • Featuring awards on your website and social media  

  • Displaying your qualifications on business cards, flyers, and brochures  

  • Adding your achievements to your email marketing campaigns and newsletter list 

  • Using your satisfaction data to create case studies and articles  

  • Displaying your trophies and banners in your office 

  • Publishing press releases to spread awareness of your company’s commitment to quality and upward career mobility


Awards differentiate you from the competition—both in and out of the industry

In today’s crowded labor market, awards and certifications will help you stand out from big chain job postings.

With 11 million job seekers on the market right now, your company’s awards and certifications will stand as proof-of-concept that you are committed to training and growing with your employees.

It’s critical to show that you offer a benefit no large chain employer can: a rewarding career with lots of room for advancement in a growing industry.

Awards prove you take good care of your employees

You go where you’re appreciated, and the same goes for your employees.

Awards and certifications will make you more marketable to employees as you demonstrate that you are an employer who invests in their staff.

After all, it wouldn’t be possible for your business to receive awards and certifications without their hard work.

Take the opportunity of becoming certified to regularly celebrate milestones with your employees, recognize those who complete certifications, and add your awards to your job listings.

Learn more on how to market yourself to your employees and customers using the free awards and recognition worksheet here for a detailed step-by-step action plan.


Businesses that achieve the Great Place to Work Certification® see a 20% increase in quality on average.

Awards put you on the track for success

It isn’t winning that makes the difference—it’s the process of qualifying that does.

Prioritize qualifying for the top awards in the industry to see a direct improvement of customer and employee satisfaction, revenue, and position within the industry.

Start by:

  • Identifying key awards that will help you stand out in your industry

  • Gathering and acting on your employee and customer feedback. Partner with an organization that can help you turn insights into action.

  • Using a professional training program to certify your employees and stay compliant. Continually improve your quality of care by offering your employees career growth opportunities where they can specialize in their own interests.

  • Continually striving to qualify and apply for awards

  • Sharing your awards and other successes with your employees and customers


Where to Start

The process of qualifying for awards and certifications improves your company’s quality of care, employee and customer satisfaction, and increases overall revenue. Post-acute care companies who strive for awards will stand out from the competition in a crowded labor market and position themselves as thought leaders in the future of the continuum of care.

Research awards in the industry. A few great places to start are: 

HCP’s Care Intelligence Platform offers RN-developed training, satisfaction surveys, and reputation management tools to help you become the best employer and provider in your area—and make sure everyone knows about it.

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