5 Ways to Grow Your Home Care Business

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These five ideas will help give your business a voice, attracting potential clients and making your work more enjoyable.

Starting a new home care business can be exciting and terrifying. Being your own boss has its perks, and you can now follow your dream of helping the elderly. But, what if your business doesn’t take off as quickly as you’d like? What if the competition is much fiercer than you anticipated? These five ideas will help give your business a voice, attracting potential clients and making your work more enjoyable.

1. Establish Yourself in the Community

Participate in community events, like a run for cancer, cleaning the community park, or having a booth in a public place where you can talk to potential clients. By getting involved you’re saying you care about the community and the people in it. Look for opportunities to get your name out there, and put a face to your company.

2. Diversify Your Advertising

Try to leverage as many channels as your budget will allow.  The goal should be getting your name out there and drive your reputation. You could purchase billboard space on a street with high traffic, create pamphlets that feature people of different races and genders, and maybe even place ads on the radio when appropriate.

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3. Form an Alliance

Don’t be afraid of partnering with other home care agencies. For example, if you emphasize standard care, partner with a company that specializes in Alzheimer’s. That way you can refer clients who don’t fit under your business to the other and vice versa, enhancing referrals. While you need to be sure your businesses are complementary, it also doesn’t hurt to maintain relationships with all of your competition in some way, so you can glean ideas from their success.

 4. Expand to the Internet

One of the cheapest forms of marketing is social media. If you don’t have a business page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. then get one! You have the potential of reaching hundreds, even thousands of people just by posting on these sites. If one person likes what you post, it is then shown to their 400 something friends, and the train continues. But you need to be sure you maintain your Facebook page and post to it at least weekly, preferably daily. You need to show that you’re company is engaging, personable, and alive.

5. Stand Out from the Competition

Pinpoint early on what makes your business stand out, is it the quality of care, experience of caregivers, client satisfaction etc. Find your slogan, something that the competition lacks, and push that message through all of your communication. Also, offering giveaways and incentives to promote your business always helps too.

Growing your business by implementing one of these steps at a time can make your business really pick gain speed. Even if you’re not a businessman you can still help your business grow and stand out from the competition, just take the initiative and realize that people want to do business with other people. Show your potential clients the type of person you are, so they can understand from there the type of business you run.

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  1. Vivien June 13, 2017 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    Thank you for ideas for growing my home care business based in London. I was particularly interested in using the internet to increase my client base this is an area that I have not yet explored.

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