Even for those who are deeply passionate about home care, sales calls can be intimidating, and if you want your business to grow, then you have to be in the business of sales. Fortunately, whether or not you’re a natural salesperson, there are simple steps you can take to improve your sales calls:

1. Schedule

Whenever possible, you’ll want to schedule a time when you can give the potential client a proper presentation, whether over the phone or in person. When you do this, give your potential client a time frame and stick to it. If you set the appointment for 30 minutes, stay strictly within that time limit. Doing this will allow you to manage and prioritize the flow of the meeting and demonstrate your respect for the client’s time. You’ll also want to collect some basic information before the meeting about care needs, interests, expectations, etc. which will help you personalize your presentation. Be sure to have a brief presentation prepared or memorized for those who want to talk immediately.

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2. Prepare

As you begin the call, set an agenda with the client and verify it. You might say, “I’d love to go over X and Y with you and then answer any questions you have. Does that sound alright?” This allows you to maintain control of the conversation, and it helps the client to stay on the same page. You’ll want to personalize your agenda to the client’s needs and return to it if the conversation gets off track.

3. Speak positively

A key to providing a positive sales call experience is speaking positively both about your services and your competition. Begin the conversation on a positive note; a simple good morning or comment on the great weather can be enough to set an upbeat tone for the meeting. And rather than talking down your competition, highlight the accomplishments and services that make your company stand out. This keeps the client’s interest in you and your services and helps the meeting stay constructive.

4. Prepare for objections

After you give your pitch, be ready for objections and questions. To prepare, brainstorm possible objections, and outline responses that are short, direct, and positive. When questions or objections come as a surprise, take a breath and wait a moment before you respond. You’ll then have a moment to consider your response, and you’ll be able to deliver it in a collected rather manner.

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5. Stand up

Try standing up during your call. Whether you move around or simply stand by your desk, the added energy you get from getting on your feet will transfer to your call. It will also help speed up your call so that you don’t get too wordy. Studies have shown that when calls are significantly shorter and more to the point when conducted while standing.

6. Follow-up

Whether or not you close the sale, you should follow up. Send a card or email to thank the person for her or his time and to offer your services. This can be a great time to offer supplemental information or to ask for references. While your agency may not have been the right fit for the client, if you made a good impression during the call, you may get a new lead out of the conversation.

Conducting successful calls is an important part of growing your business. Organizing your process and trying out these tips can help you fine tune your presentation and improve your results.

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