Top social media tips for home health care

Social media is an important aspect of your digital marketing campaign. With social media gaining popularity every year, it is essential for home care agency owners to adapt their marketing strategies to accommodate this trend. Before you begin posting, sit down and decide what goals you want from your social media efforts. Do you want to gain followers? Do you want to spread awareness? Do you want your customers to see you as a go-to for all things home care? It’s important to define your goals before you get started, and then create a plan to help you achieve them.

6 Ways to Grow Your Home Care Agency Through Social Media

Below we’ve listed six things you can do to help achieve your social media goals:

1. Define Your Brand

Define your brand. This is the first thing you should do before starting a marketing campaign. As a home care owner, you have a good start in defining your brand being in the home care industry. Although your brand has a solid foundation, you still need to decide how you want to portray yourself on social media. Do you want to be more professional and informative (only providing your clients with home care updates), or do you want to be more personal? These are the things you need to decide before you begin your social media campaign.

2. Create a Compelling Bio

A bio is your chance to tell your followers your company’s mission and story. This is where you can let your voice really shine. Give your followers a taste of who you are as a home care company, and what they can expect from your posts. Make sure that at the end of your bio, you add your website link. This gives your followers quick and easy access to your website, so they can see more of what your home care business is about!

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3. Create an Editorial Calendar

Although social media may seem like spontaneously placed posts every now and then, most business-run social media accounts have a manager that strategically plans out every post. Dedicate a morning or an evening once a week where you sit down and plan out your social media posts on an editorial calendar. Hootsuite or Postify are great places to plan out your posts, or you can do it in a simple Excel spreadsheet. There should never be a time when you don’t know what you’re going to post for the week.

4. Be Consistent

Be consistent. Be consistent. Be consistent. No matter what you decide to do with social media, be consistent! You won’t see results from your endeavors unless you consistently keep to your editorial calendar. If you want to do a Tip Tuesday for your followers, that’s great! Just make sure you do it every Tuesday to see the results you want, including a boost in your social media followers.

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5. Stay Updated on Updates

One of the many challenges of social media is that it is always changing. To get the most out of your accounts and marketing strategy, stay up-to-date on all the latest tools and updates for each platform. Although this may seem like nuisance, it is actually one of the many things that makes social media so great. New updates allow you to you interact with your followers in different ways, and connect you with those clients you may not be able to reach with a traditional marketing plan.

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6. End with a Call to Action

Social media posts aren’t all just pretty images and witty text. A good post should encourage your followers to interact with you in some way, whether it is to like your page, follow your page, respond to a post, or visit your website, etc. Ending your post with a strong call to action will encourage your followers to actually be social on social media! Including a call to action can help increase conversion from your social media accounts to your website which can lead to new business.

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What Should Home Care Owners Post on Social Media?

  • Blogs

Whether it’s your own blog or a blog from a reputable source, post useful information on your social media every now and then. You want clients and prospective clients to view you as a trustworthy source for all things home care.

  • Events

Do you have an event coming up? Don’t just tell your clients about it, create an event on Facebook and invite them to it. When the event gets closer, Facebook will remind them to attend. (But it wouldn’t hurt if you reached out as well.) A Facebook event is also a great way to keep clients updated on the latest developments of the event, and maybe even post a few spoilers about it to get them excited.

  • Videos

Create an “About Me” video for your home care business. Discuss your “why” in the video and tell clients how you got started. Post this video on your social media accounts for your followers to view. This will give prospective clients an insiders look on your business and make current clients feel connected to your “why.”

  • Awards

Our Best of Home Care Awards are most useful to your business when they are shared! If you have earned an award from us or another reputable source, don’t be afraid to show it off. Prove to prospective clients that you are a home care provider they can trust.

  • Press Releases

Best of Home Care Award Winner

A press release is a great way to get any awards you’ve recently won or big partnerships out to the public. Post your press release on social media to let your followers know about your latest achievements.

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  • Whitepapers

Along with blogs, white papers are great educational pieces to post on your social media accounts. It shows your clients that your team is constantly trying to learn and provide meaningful information to them on the home care industry.

The most important thing to remember with social media is to keep it informative and fun! If you have a company get together, take a picture and post about it. Show clients that you are relatable and personal. Social media is the area of your business where you can let your culture show and relax a little.

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