A Round of Applause for Some Special CNAs!

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All of you deserve a standing ovation! And, a big thank you…to Donna, Demetria, Melinda, Kathy, David and all the other dedicated, hardworking CNAs who make the choice every day to be outstanding!

Like it the old fashioned way?

Please take a few minutes to read about these top-notch nursing assistants who were selected by their supervisors and all of us at In the Know to be honored for their dedication to their jobs…and to lifelong learning:

Donna V., who demonstrates professionalism daily at Holland Hospital Home Health Services in Holland, Michigan.

Demetria P., an outstanding CNA at AseraCare Hospice in Atlanta, Georgia

Melinda W., a long time employee of Windsor Woods in Hudson, Florida

Kathy R., who loves her patients at Legend Oaks HealthCare & Rehab in Gladewater, Texas

David C., who goes above and beyond at Home Health Works in Clearwater, Florida

Supervisor, Jane A., told us that Donna has worked at their agency for almost ten years. Every patient loves her as she goes beyond their expectations of service every day! Donna is willing to work any time of day, drive any distance and work with any personality type. Her documentation is turned in on time and is perfectly done. She is anxious to increase her skills and takes advantage of additional education offerings. She has also served on many committees throughout her years with Holland Hospital Home Health Services. Donna is, without question, an outstanding aide!

At AseraCare Hospice, Margot M. reported that Demetria is very thorough and kind. Her supervisors know when Demetria has seen her patients because they look so great and are so content. Demetria is well-liked, very professional and performs her work with minimal supervision. It is obvious that she loves her job! She is a blessing to the patients and families and an asset to her workplace. Margot is very proud of Demetria and feels blessed to have her on her team. Demetria is a fast learner and is always eager to incorporate new ways into her regular routines.

Supervisor, Sharon T., told us that Melinda has been a CNA at Windsor Woods for many years. She takes excellent care of her residents and goes above and beyond to provide quality care to each of them. Melinda is well-acquainted with her residents and is able to cue new staff and nurses to better meet the residents’ needs. She provides care in a loving and respectful manner and is never cross or in a bad mood. Melinda goes out of her way to assist everyone and participates on several committees. She is the best person to serve as a preceptor to new staff members because she does not hesitate to teach, nurture and demonstrate how a top-notch CNA should perform. Without Melinda, the facility would not be the same!

Lori L. reported that Kathy is a CNA that any organization would be proud to have as part of their team. Kathy never calls in, spends her entire shift working her floor, loves her patients and is often requested by name by family members. She has worked at Legend Oaks for more than 13 years. Kathy works from 10pm to 6am while the patients sleep, but they sleep better just knowing she is there. She spends her entire 8 hours on the floor. Kathy fluffs and folds, pampers, lotions feet, offers water and provides comfort to those who can’t sleep. Kathy is truly a CNA who patients rise up and call blessed.

At Home Health Works, Carol G. told us that David lives up to their motto: “Caring for people like family”. David goes above and beyond, providing not only personal care and help with ADLs, but dealing with things that most aides don’t think they can do anything about. He’s very attentive to prescribed diets and always makes sure to prepare a fresh meal, even sharing fresh items from his garden! In addition, Dave is great at finding inexpensive or free items for his clients, such as walkers or exercise bicycles…all to enable their increased mobility and/or safety. Dave reports changes in his clients’ physical condition, mental status and living situation so that the agency can make the appropriate referrals. David is a star at his workplace!

All of you deserve a standing ovation! And, a big thank you…to Donna, Demetria, Melinda, Kathy, David and all the other dedicated, hardworking CNAs who make the choice every day to be outstanding!

CONGRATULATIONS from the Team at In the Know!

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