3 Ways a Blended Learning Plan Will Improve Your Caregiver Training

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Ready to take your Caregiver Training to the next level? The most effective training method available today is the Blended Learning plan!

Like it the old fashioned way?

Ready to take your Caregiver Training to the next level? The most effective training method available today is the Blended Learning plan!

But, what is Blended Learning?

A blended learning plan is a strategy that uses a combination of traditional classroom training with online learning.   The mix, or “blend” of training strategies is where the magic happens!

There’s no doubt that online learning has revolutionized caregiver training.  It’s convenient, easy, interactive and engaging.  It makes tracking and reporting a breeze for compliance.

But in healthcare, there will always be a time when instructor-led, classroom training is an absolute must!  A Blended Learning Plan is the Solution!

Here are the Top 3 Benefits of a Blended Learning Plan:

1. It’s Flexible!

A blended approach gives you options. Topics that require hands-on demonstration can be taught in the classroom, while others can be assigned online. For example, you may choose to teach Catheter Care in the classroom.  Then, assign an e-learning module on Preventing Falls the following month.  A blended plan means you’re not stuck with just one delivery method!

2. The Price is Right!

A blended learning plan will save you money.  Live, classroom training is expensive.  There is the time (and your salary) spent planning, preparing, organizing and teaching.  More time goes into grading tests, creating certificates, and filing materials in personnel records.  There is the cost of supplying “treats” or lunch and copies of handouts.  There will be supplies needed for demonstrations and group activities.  And, Caregivers are pulled away from client care, but remain on the clock.  The list goes on and on.  You get the picture!  Classroom training is expensive.  Therefore, the more you can assign online, the better!

3. Reach more, teach more!

It’s difficult getting your Caregivers together for classroom learning every month.  They are on different shifts, they work different days.  And some teams, like home care, work remotely in clients homes.  All these factors make it nearly impossible to hold regular, classroom-style in-services.  E-learning can be done anywhere, anytime, even on a smart phone.  

How does it work?

The best agencies and facilities present their caregivers with a combination of both e-learning and
live, classroom training.  And the good news is, In the Know provides both!

Subscribers to In the Know’s online learning platform get access to our complete catalog of e-learning topics.
You choose what topic you want to assign your caregivers each month.

But that’s not all!

In the Know also has a complete library of over 200 topics that can be
used for instructor-led, classroom learning.

The Blended Learning Plan with In the Know

An Example of a Blended Learning Schedule

Here’s how one In the Know customer scheduled the first 6 months of 2018:

January – Live Classes scheduled for “Using Assistive Devices” and “Performing Safe Transfers”

February –E-learning will cover “Common Cardiac Conditions” and “Understanding Heart Attacks”

March – E-learning on the topic of “Special Communication Needs”

April – Live classes scheduled on “Handling Incontinence of the Bowel and Bladder”

May – E-learning to cover “Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease” and “Activities for Clients with Alzheimer’s Disease”

June – E-learning topics on “Bathing Tips” and “Beyond the Bathtub”

July – Classroom training scheduled for “Handwashing” and “An Infection Control Update”

Ready to start your blended learning plan?

Request a quote today to find out how easy it is to fit
professionally prepared caregiver training into your budget!

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