How Blogging Can Transform Your Home Care Business

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Blogging can be a powerful way to expand the reach of your home care marketing. 

Having a well-maintained blog can be time-consuming if you don’t have the correct resources and at times, you may not see the value or benefit of having a blog. Blogging can help drive readers to your website, help those readers become potential clients, and help your current clients and their family members understand you know how to care properly for your clients. Your blog will consistently do these things with the proper tactics. It can become one of the best marketing tools to grow your home care business. Corecubed has mentioned people underestimate what an outdated blog could say about a company.

If you need assistance knowing how to utilize or start your home care blog, keep reading. With these tips, you will be able to get the necessary information you need to make your home care blog a success!

Blogging Will Attract Clients To Your Website

Search Engine Optimization

When writing a blog post, you want to make sure the blog’s search engine optimization or SEO is up to par. You can get a deeper learning about SEO by reading 5 Simple SEO Tactics for Home Care Companies. Here is the condensed version of how SEO can help your home care business: Google wants to deliver accurate search results to the people who use its search engine. Google does this by scanning websites to pick out snippets consumers will find interesting and will rank your website based on what it finds and how the websites of your competitors. The top three items are most important to the consumer and to Google.

Home care marketing checklist


Give your home care agency marketing a boost with the Home Care Marketing Checklist.

Get the Reader to Act

When your website is current, up to date and has relevant content about your specific industry, for example, home care, consumers are bound to click on your website to see what you have to offer. The hard part is convincing your readers they need to take action on your blog.

What are you asking your readers to do? When you start writing your Call-to-Action (CTA), start the sentence with the verb you are wanting them to do. For instance, if you want them to download your brochure on why your home care agency is the best in town, then tell your reader! Do you want them to schedule a consultation to learn more about your business and what personalized services you can provide them? Let them know! Download, sign up, schedule, call, join, follow, choose and share are all great words to start with for impactful CTA’s. Sometimes it is also helpful to insert a link or phone number in your CTA so your reader can take action at that moment. Typically, blog posts end with a CTA but if strong enough can also be situated in other places. Start implementing this practice into your blog posts! You won’t be disappointed.

It can be daunting to create a long list of blog topics to work with as you start out. Tips to make the task a little less scary would be to ask people in your company what questions they receive from clients and consumers. Your agency may get questions regarding “what to expect from home care?”, “how do you know a loved one may be in need of a caregiver?” or “what to do when a loved one is rejecting home care?” Write about topics which make you an expert in the industry so potential clients and referral sources are confident in choosing your business.

Some potential topic ideas could be:

  • How to Prepare Your Loved One for Home Care
  • Announcing Your Caregiver of the Month
  • How Caregivers Help Seniors Keep Their Independence
  • Sharing An Industry Award
  • # Tips for Senior Fitness

The top potential growth opportunity from the 2017 Annual Home Care Benchmarking Study was strengthening relationships with referral sources. By having a blog which shows knowledge in home care and other topics relevant to the industry, the sources will be more willing to trust your services. Has your company been to an event lately or had an open house? Blog about it! When Home Care Pulse went to the Home Care Association of America Conference, and our CEO and Founder Aaron Marcum won the Sheila McMackin Leadership Award, we wrote about it.

Have you recently won a Best of Home Care Award? Showcase your win with an article. Whether you are an Employer of Choice, Provider of Choice, or Leader in Excellence you should let your potential clients (and sometimes potential employees) know you were awarded this and how you qualified for it. Have questions about how to get started with our awards and how your agency can qualify? Schedule a demo request by either calling 877.307.8573 or emailing [email protected]. You can also fill out an online request for a consultation here.

Finding inspiration for your next home care blog post is all around you, sometimes you just need to search and dig a little deeper!

Find Your Voice

As you start writing your next blog, keep in mind you will hold the attention of readers more if you develop your own voice and write with the consumer in mind. It may take time until you either find the voice of both you and your company. Make sure not to use jargon specific to the home care industry if you are writing for your clients or consumers who most likely won’t understand. Keep it simple and easy to read.

It can take time and effort to strike all the right notes for making your blog flourish. It is not always an overnight success. If you keep working on your blog, trudging through even when you feel no one is reading it, you will see your hard work pay off. So stick with it even when blogging seems like a waste of your time. Blogging is a long-term plan strategy, and by correctly planning and executing this plan, you will grab the attention of potential clients and see more traffic to your blog.

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