Branding Your Home Care Agency

What does branding look like for your home care business? Do you have an identifiable logo? How do you live up to your brand promise? These are great questions to ask yourself when looking at the branding strategy of your agency. Branding should be the first step in building out the identity of your company. Your brand is what people will recognize you for and separates yourself from the competition.

Home care marketing checklist


Give your home care agency marketing a boost with the Home Care Marketing Checklist.

What is your Mission Statement?

When your company is well branded, you will be giving out a message to the public which is harmonious with the message or mission statement of your company. Think about how your business is portrayed in the current home care marketplace. Do the messages match? One of the most necessary aspects of branding is defining who you are as a company. For example, the mission statement of Home Care Pulse is:

To supply home care providers with sound data and education about their business, allowing them to:

  1. Deliver the best possible client experience to those they care for
  2. Yield higher profits
  3. Experience more satisfaction in their personal and professional lives

Once you define your mission statement, you can start shaping your brand identity and leveraging your home care agency to gain more business.

Pay attention to the client feedback you get from Home Care Pulse’s Quality Satisfaction Management Program. Through your clients’ feedback, you can begin to list your agency’s defining features and showcase what your clients love about your services. After you have gained this knowledge, incorporate their feedback into your brand.

Designing the Logo

The logo is the first thing that people see and identify as your company. If consumers don’t take your logo seriously, they won’t take your business seriously. Most generally, you want your logo to represent the company’s mission statement, vision, and services.

You may want to think about hiring a graphic designer to help you. Whether you need to revamp your current logo or design one from scratch, a professional graphic designer will know the best way to convey your message with design elements. Logo usage should be consistent throughout the company. While designing a logo, it is also a great time to decide the colors that represent your home care company. Make sure to keep the colors consistent throughout the whole company  To learn more about logo guidelines, read Designing an Effective Company Logo.

Keep Your Tagline Simple

Consumers are unlikely to read a tagline or slogan that is long and confusing. Try to condense what your company stands for in a few simple sentences. For Home Care Pulse it is, “Empowering Excellence in Home Care.”  Don’t think that you need alliterations or gimmicky phrases to make your slogan catchy. Focus on what makes you different from the competition and capitalize on that. Figure out your unique selling proposition.

Defining Your Why Guidesheet


Connect your team to your “WHY” and retain your best caregivers and office staff.

Become Your Brand

Now that you have put efforts into creating the ideal brand for your business, truly embrace it throughout your company. Place your logo on your website, social channels, advertising and marketing materials. Be consistent with your branding methods. Share your mission statement with your employees and new hires. Teach them about the principles of the company so they understand the views of the company.

Live up to your brand. If you promise to treat seniors just like their loved ones, the services provided by your company needs to match. Through consistent branding and your dedication to providing the best home care in your region, consumers will begin to recognize your company brand.

Follow-up on Your Brand Promise

 Beyond defining and becoming your brand, it’s crucial to evaluate and measure the impact your branding efforts are having. Having a satisfaction management program in place gives you the ability to learn from both your caregivers and your clients how well they feel they’re being taken care of. The feedback received through interviews or surveys can help you determine how well you and your staff are living the brand identity you’ve defined and established. To learn how this can work for your agency, request a consultation and demo

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