In order to survive the coming challenges facing the home care industry, every member of your team needs to be pursuing the same end. It’s the whole “United we stand, divided we fall” mantra, and it applies to every aspect of your business. But knowing the importance of unity doesn’t necessarily make it easy to create. Bringing a large number of individuals together is difficult as personalities, negativity, and pride often get in the way. Despite such difficulties, it is possible to have unity as leverage for your success. Unity will begin to occur when your leaders are committed to and engaged in the process of building a united, powerful team.

When creating your unified agency, your managers must be among the first to engage. When your leaders have a real understanding of company policies and develop mutual respect for each other, that will inevitably trickle down to the rest of your team and a cohesive culture will begin to appear. Give your leaders the tools they need to influence the rest of your staff into a solid unit, and help your management team understand the importance of every role in the company so they can treat every team member with respect.

There are many different departments within your home care agency and they are all connected in some way. When one individual or department begins to think of only their own tasks and success, your entire agency will suffer due to a shift in focus. Help each department and its members to understand just how vital their contribution is to your agency. Here are a few ways you can foster an atmosphere of unity:

  • Encourage open communication
  • When making decisions that impact employees, be as open as is appropriate about your reasons
  • Help your employees bridge the generation gap that may exist between them and those they care for
  • Do not tolerate gossip, either about coworkers or clients
  • Develop and communicate company goals with all employees
  • When common issues arise, bring employees together to discuss solutions
  • Introduce all employees to each other through frequent team meetings and activities

Unity promotes a sense of achievement, equity, and camaraderie, which are essential for a productive workplace. Employees will feel empowered and have higher job satisfaction as a result. When your employees feel harmony within your agency, they will be more likely to continue employment as they have a sense of purpose. They’re may also recommend employment at your agency to their friends and family. Find the ways unity can be built within your agency to create a better culture for more satisfied employees.

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