Easy and Fun Virtual Team Building Ideas for Healthcare Workers

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Finding a resource that can help your team right now is so important. That’s where Teambuilding.com comes into play. We have some great free resources, some that are especially pertinent for keeping your team happy and connected.

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Being a healthcare worker during these difficult times can be quite stressful and wearisome. This can become a danger for both workers and patients because most of the work being done involves life and death situations, which requires complete focus and cooperation.

For this reason, team-building events are crucial because your employees need the opportunity to release work-related stress and at the same time familiarize themselves with their co-workers to function more effectively as a team.

Due to the current pandemic, many live team building activities are limited.

Finding a resource that can help your team right now is so important. That’s where Teambuilding.com comes into play. We have some great free resources, some that are especially pertinent for keeping your team happy and connected. Beyond those, we can offer you a specifically planned virtual group game, planned to your specifications. Our events are about 90 minutes long and our platform of choice is Zoom. Our activities can help provide the necessary virtual employee engagement that your team needs to boost work effectiveness and teamwork.

To give you an example of what we are talking about, here are some easy and fun virtual team building ideas for healthcare workers.

5 Virtual Team Building Activities for Your Healthcare Workers

#1 Tiny Campfire

This activity encourages virtual employee engagement by simulating a fun virtual campfire for your healthcare workers.

It typically starts with ice-breaker games that stimulate conversation and camaraderie. It is followed by ghost stories and a s’more making activity that not only feeds the brain but also the stomach.

A week before the event, each participant will be sent a care package that contains s’more ingredients, a tealight candle, and matches.

On the day of the virtual campfire, all of the participants are brought together using a 90-minute video call so that they can enjoy themselves, play games, and strengthen their relationship with one another.

#2 Kindness Quest

This virtual team building event aims to motivate your healthcare workers by enabling them to spread joy, cheer, and kindness to other people.

The event begins with the team building facilitating group leading your team through a series of fun activities that are designed to brighten the day of your employees.

The goal of the event is to teach your workers new ways of bringing smiles to other people’s faces. These activities will lift their spirits and motivate them to improve the services that they provide to their patients.

#3 Tea vs Coffee

This next team building idea can improve the focus and concentration of your healthcare workers through mindfulness, Zen, and the enjoyment of tea and coffee beverages.

This activity entails guiding your team through meditation mixed with virtual icebreaker activities, and a tasting ceremony.

Your employees will experience the taste of healthy drinks, like turmeric tea and mushroom coffee, and learn their health benefits and origin through interesting stories.

#4 Storytelling Workshops

Another easy and fun virtual team building idea for healthcare workers is the Storytelling Workshop event. This activity is both a team-building exercise and a professional development opportunity for your employees.

During this event, a facilitator will teach your employees techniques, such as the 5 Elements of an Engaging Story to improve their ability to communicate. After that, each of the participants will be encouraged to tell a story to win praises and create meaningful connections with his or her co-workers.

#5 Winter Cocktail Party

The last virtual team-building activity on our list will teach your employees how to create two delicious and festive cocktail drinks.

This will enable your healthcare workers to bond and enjoy each other’s company, promoting teamwork, and developing a deeper understanding of one another.

Final Words

Enhancing your employee’s skills and motivating them to work more efficiently is not a problem just because there are limitations in terms of physical space.

Virtual team building activities that promote virtual employee engagement can provide you with the necessary tools needed to improve the services that your healthcare workers provide.

You can try one of the easy and fun team building ideas for healthcare workers that we have provided above to have the perfect team activity that can bring out the best from your employees.


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