The most effective way to grow your home care business is by referrals from your caregivers and clients. Referrals allow a prospective client to hear firsthand, from someone they trust, that your business is exceptional. Referrals automatically give your company a boost from the competition, which may be exactly what you need to stand out. So how do you gain more referrals consistently? We’ve put together five tips to help maximize your referral potential.

1. Establish a Referral Program

Try having a program for your clients and caregivers. For your caregivers, you could offer bonus incentives such as a $50 gift card for every new client they bring to you. Likewise, you could offer a credit to your clients in dollar amounts or as a percentage of their total bill. You could also try giving away larger items like tablets (an iPad, for example), mp3 players, or a home surround sound system. By establishing a consistent referral program you can get your clients and caregivers excited to refer new clients. They’ll be much more likely to talk up your company if they know it’ll benefit them, too.

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2. Give Referrals to Get Referrals

If you’re over booked or can’t take a certain client because of the specific care needed, then refer them to a home care agency you’ve established a relationship with. Build alliances with other home care businesses whose services complement yours, and you’ll each benefit from one another.

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3. Ask for Referrals

Pick your top 10 clients that love your company and praise your caregivers, then take the initiative to ask them to refer friends. Chances are if they already adore your business they won’t even need an incentive.

4. Send Thank You Notes

In relation to point #3, always send a thank you note to clients who give you a great review, or caregivers who are doing especially well. This will make your company seem friendlier and is another great incentive to get referrals.

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5. Be Worthy of Referrals

Before expanding your client base you need your clients and caregivers to be so happy with your business that they want to refer their friends and family. Establish a strong reputation; one worthy of referrals.

Creating a referral engine in your business is a lot of work, but it’s also worth it. As long as you have a company worthy of referrals, you can obtain them. Don’t be afraid to give clients and caregivers a nudge, because this cheap marketing strategy can make a huge difference in your business.


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    This is our strategy and it works!!!!!

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