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One of the main reasons a consumer hesitates in hiring a home care business is trust. They have no history with your business, no relationship. But one of the most effective ways to establish that relationship is through Facebook.

Facebook has changed marketing by giving companies a friendly face and personality as they reach out to potential consumers. As the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook creates the potential for gaining great momentum for your home care business. However, like most marketing efforts, it requires patience and time. You won’t wake up tomorrow with a thousand followers, but you can slowly achieve success by following these five simple steps to increase traffic to your Facebook page:

Advertise your Facebook page on your website.

Your website is the perfect place to link up all your social media accounts. If a prospective client is browsing around your website, having your social media buttons easy to locate will make your company feel much more personable and organized. Make them easy to find and visually appealing but not distracting.

Post, post, post.

New, engaging content needs to constantly be posted on Facebook, so you are continually reaching out to clients. Post exciting updates, feature one client a week telling their story, offer giveaways etc. “Like” other companies’ Facebook pages. Get involved on Facebook! Don’t expect people to find and “like” your page on their own.

Follow other organizations and comment on their pages.

Many companies will follow you back, which means all of their followers will be exposed to your page.

Use Facebook to interact.

Don’t just post once a day then log off and forget about your page. Stay on and answer questions, banter back and forth with customers, and let them know you appreciate their feedback. Not only will this make you seem much friendlier, but it will encourage clients to keep commenting, and others to start.

Give clients an incentive to “like” your page.

Do a giveaway where you pick one winner from among your Facebook followers to receive a gift. Not only will this get your page more likes, but it will get your company lots of attention as all the friends of those people who liked your page are suddenly aware of you.

Facebook is a great marketing tool, and the best part is it’s free. By learning how to have a stronger presence on Facebook, incorporating these principles, you can significantly boost your business’s growth. Overall, Facebook is best at connecting you with your clients and establishing strong relationships. It is the fastest and easiest way of getting feedback, making sure your clients are happy, and is a great way to show you’re not a faceless company, but a company that truly cares for its clients.