Today we’re featuring the grandparents of  Chris Marcum and Kristi Larson.


Chris Marcum, Director of Online Marketing – One of my favorite stories from my dad’s childhood is when he was being bullied in school. He became withdrawn from his classmates and began disliking school. One day, he decided that after his mom dropped him off at the bus stop, he would sneak home before the bus came and slip into the shed in their back yard so he didn’t have to go to school. Unfortunately, his mother saw him duck into the shed and she marched out there to see what he was up to. Upon being discovered, my dad broke into tears and explained the trouble he was having with his tormentors. My grandmother decided it was time to teach my dad to defend himself. He stayed home from school that day and learned to box… from his mom.

The next day, when the boys surrounded my dad and began pushing him around, he singled out the “leader” of the bunch and dropped him with one punch. He then jumped at another boy, driving him to the pavement, hitting his head against the sidewalk. The rest of the boys scattered and my dad never had trouble with them again.

That’s the person my grandmother is. She’s a rock in standing for what’s right. She’s quick to correct, and just as quick to forgive with a hug and kiss.

This picture is of my grandmother, my mom, my wife, and a goof ball I’m privileged enough to call my daughter. I catch glimpses of my grandmother’s strength in her, and can only hope little Greta follows the footsteps of her great grandmother Ruth.

Ruth Marcum passed away several hours after this post was written, on September 9th, 2013. Bless you, grandma, for your loving influence and firm example. We love you.


Kristi Larson, Manager of the SRC – This is my Grandma Virginia Perry (she’s 82) with my son, Kenton. She has four children, thirteen grandchildren and eighteen great-grandchildren. She has always been a fun grandma and a big collector of teddy bears and Elvis items. Last year, she was able to visit Graceland with my uncle, which was a lifelong dream of hers.

A few months ago, she underwent a partial leg amputation, and has been a true inspiration to our family. She has had such a great attitude, and is always helping others smile. This picture was taken at her rehab facility, and while visiting her, multiple people staying at the facility stopped by for a quick laugh. She even decided to paint the end of her cast with a big, yellow smiley face, in order to bring happiness to others. She’s a great blessing to our family, and we all love her very much!

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