Home Care Pulse Grandparents Week: Post 1

Grandparents Day was September 8th, but at Home Care Pulse we decided one day wasn’t enough to honor our loved ones. For this reason, we have declared this Grandparents Week at Home Care Pulse. Read our blog posts this week as we discuss our inspirational grandparents whether alive or deceased, and how their lives influenced us.

Today we’re featuring the grandparents of  Aaron Marcum and Christy Owens.

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Aaron Marcum, CEO & Founder of Home Care Pulse – My grandpa, Owen Andreasen,  passed away in 2009 at the age of 101. This photo was taken at his 100th birthday bash, with his wife Vera and my family (When my grandma died many years ago, my grandpa remarried at the age of 80 and was married to Vera for 21 years!). Born in 1908, in a small town in Idaho, grandpa lived through two World Wars and spent the majority of his adult life as a hard working farmer. One of the many things I loved most about grandpa was his witty sense of humor. He was always cracking a joke or making a funny comment, often at his own expense.

Grandpa was also an avid fisherman and we loved  to go fishing together. It was when we were fishing that some of my fondest memories as a child occurred. As a college student, I was very fortunate to attend Utah State University, which was located minutes down the street from  grandpa’s house. It was during this time that my bond with him grew as we continued to go fishing together on a regular basis. I learned so much about him and the amazing life he had led. Though I miss him terribly, he continues to influence my decisions, and I will always consider him one of my closest friends.



Christy Owens, Content Writer – Grandpa was a large man, with giant hands, but he was a quiet, loving influence in my life. Grandma was his complete opposite. She was a tiny spitfire–full of energy and enthusiasm. Both of them were great cooks. Grandpa was famous for his fudge, and grandma made sure nobody ever left her house hungry. My best memories are of the times our large family squished around my grandparents’ giant kitchen table, playing board games. Grandma took games very seriously – she was competitive! Grandpa would just sit quietly, patiently waiting for her to take her turn. No matter what, someone would do something that made us all laugh so hard that we couldn’t concentrate much on the game. Now, decades later, grandma and grandpa’s kitchen table lives at my house, in my kitchen, and every time my children and I gather around the table to play a board game, I think of my grandparents.


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