Have You Ever Said, “I’m Just a CNA”?

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Our guest blogger, Corey Anne Rotella, CNA, shares a lovely story she wrote about the importance of acknowledging and celebrating your own worth.

Like it the old fashioned way?

If you’ve ever said, “I’m just a CNA” or “I’m just a nurse,” then this little parable is for you! Our guest blogger, Corey Anne Rotella, CNA, shares a lovely story she wrote about the importance of acknowledging and celebrating your own worth.

The Little Dandelion

Nestled in a little town, no different from any other town, was a little house. It was old and weather-worn, with paint peeling from its siding and a porch swing that creaked on rusted chains. The house was owned by a couple who moved in shortly after they were married forty years ago.

Now, this ordinary couple in their ordinary house had a rose garden that was anything but ordinary and every year, hundreds of people made the trip to view it in all its glory. Every variety of rose bloomed with such vibrancy and perfection that it took people’s breath away. It was an absolutely stunning sight and soon the garden had become quite famous. On the edge of all this majesty, hidden by the shadows, stood two dandelions, one tall and the other little, who watched the endless line of visitors flooding in to view the beautiful roses.

“The poor beauties”, the tall dandelion sighed as she watched the people ohh and ahh. The little dandelion looked up in disbelief!

“Are you kidding me? You feel SORRY for them?! They’re perfect! You are a weed suffering from delusions of grandeur, friend.”

The tall dandelion chuckled softly and replied, “Some are meant to be roses and some are not. They are expected to be perfect. They’re designed that way. They have to be cultivated and they don’t last long outside of the garden. As for us, we grow through concrete. We grow through landfills, we grow wherever we stand! AND we’re not expected to be anything which gives us the freedom to be everything. No. I would not trade places even if I could.” The little dandelion pondered this for a moment.

“But roses are universally loved for their beauty! They’re cherished! Given as tokens of affection! We’re considered a nuisance. An unsightly intrusion on a garden’s uniform appearance. People just want us gone! , the little dandelion lamented, its leaves wilting a little in sadness.

The tall dandelion shook her head. “A rose’s beauty often blinds others to its thorns. We are weeds, as you said. Bam! Our flaw is right there, out in the open.” She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts to better get through to her friend. “There will always be fewer people who see beauty in us. We are wild, and not in anyone’s design. It is less obvious. Ah, but those who do will blow our seeds into the breeze and on them, we will carry their wishes and hopes into the wind. And we will thrive because of them.”

The little dandelion stood much taller after that.

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