Holiday Seniors Clients

Christmas lights, hot cocoa, and cozy nights in. These things and more are what makes the holiday season so great. For your senior clients, this season can be a little rough. Family may not be able to visit them, their disabilities may prevent them from decorating, or they may be missing loved ones.

This is the harsh reality for thousands of seniors this December. Having a great caregiver with a positive attitude of working through the holidays can make all the difference for these seniors who are alone. There are many ways you can make sure your clients enjoy this time of year. Check out some of the ideas we have listed for you:

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Help Them Decorate

If the senior you care for is willing, ask them if they have any decorations you could put up in their home. Your client may not have the physical strength to put a Christmas tree, design their winter village, or hang garland around the room. Anything you can do to bring some holiday spirit into their home will help the senior client smile during this time.

While doing this you can ask clients their favorite holiday memories or stories. Ask them about traditions they had when they were young children. Perhaps you can share some of your own as well. Remember, if your client doesn’t feel comfortable sharing specific details with you, don’t pressure them. Some things just take a little bit of time or may be painful memories.

Get Techy

We live in a time where if we cannot physically be with our families we can be with them digitally. Contact your client’s family and see if you can schedule a holiday video chat. Your clients face is sure to light up with joy when they see their family and grandchildren. For more tips on how to communicate with family members, you can read Modern Ways of Communicating to Your Clients’ Family.

Watch a Holiday Movie

 Sometimes you can bring a little holiday cheer by watching a movie together. Ask them which holiday movie is their favorite and spend time watching it together. Your senior clients, especially if they live alone, might be lonely and spending some quality time together may just be what they need. Senior loneliness is an ever-increasing struggle in the home care industry. When you take time to be their friend instead of only their caregiver, you can make a positive impact on the lives of your senior clients.

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Turn on the Tunes

While you are helping your client, ask them what holiday songs they enjoy listening too. Turn on that Bing Crosby album and listen while you do your daily tasks. Enjoying music can boost not only your client’s mood but it can boost yours as well. In a study done by Psychology Today, elderly individuals had a better memory when listening to music and their processing speed was faster.

A Thoughtful Gift

It’s the season of gift giving. Finding a thoughtful gift for your senior client can also brighten their face and show them you are more than just their caregiver, but a dear friend. This could range from a card with a sentimental note written inside to something as simple as warm house slippers. If you are struggling with ideas to give your client, refer to this list by Zucchini Summer.

This season make sure your senior clients feel the warmth of holiday cheer. By doing this, your client satisfaction will be increased. Find out how using a satisfaction management program will help you know which caregivers are going above and beyond for your clients for the holidays and all year long.