33 Ways Home Care Agencies Are Using Home Care Pulse

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Over 1,600+ agencies are currently working with Home Care Pulse. Here’s why.

If you’ve heard about us through the Home Care Benchmarking Study, seen our booth at a conference, or read a blog on our website, you might be curious: what exactly does Home Care Pulse do?

In a nutshell: we survey your clients and caregivers each month to find out what’s going well and what you can do better.

In truth, what we do goes far beyond just gathering simple feedback, however. We’ve learned that most problems in home care are best addressed by improving the core of what you do: providing a great care experience to your clients and a great employment experience to your caregivers. Our mission is to give you as many tools as possible to do that.

To accomplish this mission, we don’t just provide feedback; we also collect satisfaction scores across different areas, build client testimonial reports for you, and arm you with the data and information you need to succeed.

So, if you’re wondering how your agency might benefit from using our services, here’s 33 ways that other home care agencies are using Home Care Pulse right now:


  1. Qualify for Best of Home Care Awards
  2. Identify which clients are promoters to ask them for referrals
  3. Use client testimonial reports to get more referrals from professional referral sources.
  4. Use reports and awards in assessments.
  5. Integrate with Caring.com to get more exposure and leads.
  6. Showcase Best of Home Care awards on Caring.com.
  7. Get listed as an award winner on BestofHomeCare.com.
  8. Use Best of Home Care Awards on car decals.
  9. Display award pins, banners, and other elements of our marketing kit.
  10. Show feedback from clients on their websites.
  11. Increase online reviews.
  12. Demonstrate how much they value client feedback in assessments.

Recruitment and Retention

  1. Identify the areas where caregivers need more training.
  2. Find “blind spots”—problems caregivers are afraid to bring up.
  3. Recognize caregivers with specific feedback from clients.
  4. Learn why caregivers are leaving.
  5. Measure Caregiver Engagement Score to increase employee referrals.
  6. Use Employer of Choice awards in job ads to stand out to potential caregivers.
  7. Reduce caregiver turnover by learning what matters to caregivers.


If you don’t find value in our program within 60 days, we’ll cancel your agreement with no penalty.

Client Satisfaction

  1. Retain more clients by catching problems early on before they become huge issues.
  2. Identify specific ways to boost client satisfaction.
  3. See which areas of client satisfaction are weakest and strongest.
  4. Use satisfaction scores to directly track progress in improving client satisfaction.
  5. Measure client Net Promoter Score.
  6. Clearly identify the success or failure of new client care initiatives.
  7. Give caregivers incentive to provide outstanding care by compensating them based on client satisfaction scores.
  8. Ensure better accountability for caregivers, supervisors, and office staff.


  1. Track client and caregiver satisfaction trends over time.
  2. Benchmark performance against the rest of the industry.
  3. Identify best practices with the Home Care Benchmarking Study to stay at the forefront of the industry.
  4. Learn about emerging trends and issues in home care before they become commonly known throughout the industry.


  1. Fulfill state requirements for quality management services.
  2. Access our Resource Library to learn how to create referral marketing strategies, caregiver mentoring programs, and more.

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To become eligible for the 2021 Best of Home Care – Leader In Excellence award, you must enroll by January 18th.