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A friendly work environment is key to a healthy business because it ensures your employees enjoy their jobs, leading to low turnover. By following these 4 steps, you can improve your work environment, and make your employees happier.

Be flexible

Every employee has different needs. One may only be available to work while their kids are in school, while another could be taking night classes and can’t work overnight shifts. No matter the reason, your employees will appreciate your flexibility, be more likely to stay with your company, and be happier at work.

Help Employees Feel Comfortable

By being open to suggestions and respectful of your employees, the environment will be less hostile and more inviting. Control impulses to dictate; listen to concerns and be approachable.

Avoid negative conversations

Keep the work place professional by avoiding gossip or negative comments. If a caregiver is constantly late, pull him or her aside and discuss the issue privately. This way there won’t be hard feelings toward you or between other employees and work can remain a drama-free environment.

Show appreciation

Say thank you when a caregiver covers someone’s shift or a client raves about how much he or she loves their caregiver. Give a bonus or gift card if you can, and give verbal recognition.

These steps will not only make your employees more comfortable and satisfied with their job, but could save your company money by lowering turnover. This will also brand your company as one that is not only professional with clients, but employees as well.

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