Our partners at Synergy Home Care wrote a great article on “Helping People Live Longer.” This should be the ultimate goal of any home care business—helping your patients live longer and happier lives. Life expectancy is greater than it has ever been with the average American living 78.7 years, according to the Washington Post. But, what mistakes are we making that could still be cutting years off?

Elderly Couple Walking

These five suggestions encourage healthier and happier living, helping prevent avoidable catastrophes from happening.

  1. Have regular checkups with your doctor. The best way to make sure everything is still running smoothly is by checking in with a doctor as often as your insurance will let you. If you have a new lump or constant pain, go see your doctor. It could be nothing, but it could also save your life.
  2. Be health conscious. By drinking water instead of soda, taking vitamin supplements, avoiding overeating, and eating a well balanced diet you are much more likely to not only be healthy but feel better about yourself. Your body only feels its best after being taken care of properly.
  3. Reduce stress. This can be done by having close relationships with people you can depend on, relaxation techniques, eliminating unneeded stress factors, being optimistic, and even smiling more. Stress has been known to cause health problems mentally and physically. By controlling your stress you can help control your overall health.
  4. Exercise regularly. Not everyone has the physical capability of exercising, but anything as simple as stretching, beginners yoga, or walking to the mailbox every day can be enough to help a senior feel good and get the endorphins going.
  5. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Sleep gives your body a chance to heal and regenerate, so a sleeping schedule will help your body take care of itself more efficiently. By not getting enough sleep you can risk your physical and mental health.

Some seniors may not want to take care of themselves, but by making them laugh and listening to them, you might be able to make a difference in their lives. In an industry where you’re fighting to keep people alive and well, it’s important they’re not only doing these things every day, but are also accepting and at peace with their lives. Encourage them to be healthier and strive to live a longer and happier life.

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