caregiver with an elderly woman

Home Care Pulse™ conducted a survey to thousands of caregivers, asking what kind of recognition they prefer from their employer. Although employees vary in personalities, needs and ambitions, it’s important to incorporate recognition or you could lose valuable employees. Listed below are the top five reasons caregivers prefer to be recognized:

Company-wide recognition.

There are many ways to say thank you to an employee, and most are not necessarily expensive. Company recognition can be a thank you note, certificate, or an employee’s photo hanging in the office under an “employee of the month” plaque.

Vacation time, bonuses, perks and gift cards.

Anything from giving an employee a gift card to their favorite restaurant, to a sum of money thanking them for their hard work can go a long way.

Client recognition.

This really isn’t something you can control as an employer, but you can control recognizing caregivers yourself. If an employee has clients that are unappreciative or rude, that can make it all the more important for the employer to show him or her appreciation.

A pay raise.

Many nurses and home care assistants feel they don’t get paid nearly as much as they should. Their work is emotionally tasking and physically tiring. Even though a budget can be strict, it’s important to remind your employees that you appreciate their work, and a big way of showing that is a simple pay raise. Whether it’s only $.20-.50 extra an hour, it will make them feel appreciated, and they’ll be loyal to your company.

Verbal recognition by a supervisor.

Interestingly, verbal recognition by a supervisor was the most preferred way to be recognized. And the best part is, it doesn’t cost your company anything. Call your employees into your office and verbally say thank you, tell them you’ve noticed their hard work and that it means a lot to the company.  Humbling yourself and realizing that you need these employees in order to have your business and letting them know that, says a lot about what kind of boss you are, and they’ll want to keep working for you.

We’ve all had a boss who was difficult to get along with, and hopefully everyone has had a boss that is engaging and sincere. By recognizing employees and noticing their accomplishments, your employees will feel more connected to your company, and it can also lower your caregiver turnover. Employees are human beings with feelings and needs, and addressing those needs can assure their happiness while working with your company.