Today we’ll be featuring Tyler and Leah Guthrie.

Leah Guthrie, Office Coordinator

My Grandma and Grandpa Ray, next to me on the left side of the picture, have always been a great source of joy to my family. They were always there to support us when times were tough. I remember when I was in 2nd grade I got sick at school, and both my mom and dad were either at work or couldn’t come to pick me up. Next thing I knew, my grandma was there picking me up and doing all that she could to make sure I was happy, even offering me a big scoop of ice cream when we got home. Grandma and grandpa continue to be a great example to me of hard work. They always seem to have a new project or goal (most recently it’s been renovating homes and renting them out). I am grateful for the example they have set for me and my family.

My Nana and Papa Kamilos were always far from home since they lived in California and my family was in Arkansas, but they always had an important presence with my family growing up. I remember getting post cards in the mail from the latest place they had traveled; they love to travel and still do (they are going to Turkey this October). They always wanted to make sure that my brothers and sisters and I had life experiences. They supported us in our music lessons and loved to hear about our progress. They even took all six of us to foreign countries (France, Germany, Greece, and Italy, to name a few) when we were teenagers to make sure we were able to have an experience with other cultures. I hope they know how grateful we all are to them for their devoted time to all of us.

Tyler Guthrie, Marketing Automation Manager

My Grandpa and Grandma Norberg (next to me, on the right side of the picture)  live in Sacramento in the house that my grandmother bought many years ago for just $12,000. My grandmother is 86 and my grandpa is 97. My grandpa loves electrical engineering and building things. I remember visiting their ranch often as a boy and riding a small wooden “roller-coaster” that my grandpa built. Recently, we were able to visit with them in Sacramento. Despite being 97, Grandpa Norberg is still full of life and loves to tell stories and give great advice. I really appreciate how hard my grandma works to take care of my grandpa, and my grandpa makes it clear how much he appreciates his wife’s devotion to him. They are an amazing couple.

My Nana and Papa Guthrie live on a beautiful 200 acre ranch in Northwest Arkansas where they have cows, horses and a nice garden. I remember being on the ranch with my grandparents and riding ATVs, learning how to drive, shooting guns, camping, and helping chop wood.  On numerous occasions, I got several vehicles stuck in the mud, and my grandpa had to pull me out with the tractor. My papa would always joke that I had a sissy machine and the tractor was the real man’s machine. I helped my grandpa bail hay and was always excited for the meals and desserts that my nana prepared after a hard day’s work. My nana (though she would quietly deny it) is an excellent painter and has painted several members of the family as well as a handful of other scenes. We also love visiting and watching movies with  nana and papa; they are always so welcoming to visitors.

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