In a technology driven world, social media plays an important role in your marketing strategy. One of the struggles business owners have with social media is gaining a strong following. When executed correctly, your social media  strategy can have an enormous impact on the growth of your business.

Here are few tips to help you get started:

Be Consistent

In order to grow your social media following, you need to be consistent. Sticking with your social media strategy for two weeks or even a month won’t help you gain a larger following. You need to do it over a long period of time. Designate a few days where you always post to your social media accounts. Whether it’s a Throwback Thursday or Tip Tuesday, make your posts consistent and most importantly, have fun with it! Social media is a way for potential clients to see what your business is like on a day-to-day basis, and if they like what they see, they are more likely to have you care for their loved ones.

Post Relevant and Engaging Content

Posting original and relevant content will require some extra effort, but will have a tremendous impact on the results of your posts. One key to posting relevant and engaging content is understanding your audience. Make sure your target audience is well defined and that you are posting content that is interesting or important to your followers. Try sharing your insights on important industry developments. Although resharing content is an important part of social media, make sure your followers get insights and information from you.

One way to make your posts more engaging is to ask questions. Your questions don’t always have to be about home care. You can ask questions about clients’ holidays or even their favorite holiday traditions. It’s important your home care is relatable and real to your followers. People don’t want to follow corporate pages where they can sense content is not original or sincere.

Post Often…but Not Too Often

Along with being consistent, you need to make sure you post often. Create a posting schedule that dictates when you’ll post and what you’ll post about. Scheduling out your posts in advance will relieve the stress of creating a post every day, and it will make your posting more consistent as well. Although posting often is essential to gaining a social media following, you can reach a point where you post too often. Finding the balance between posting often and not being an annoyance is important in keeping your current followers. No one likes to be bombarded with a ton of posts on their social media. Take the time to research when specific social media sites get the most engagement, and then post on those days.

If social media is a marketing strategy that is low on your list of tasks or not even on your radar, hiring a part-time (or full-time depending on what you want to commit to) social media manager can help you. Social media managers know what strategies work best to grow your following and will take the time to plan out each post. This will allow you to focus on your clients and run the day-to-day tasks of your business.

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