There are several things you can do to increase your online presence, including web page optimization and social media posting. But perhaps one of the most valuable and effective online marketing strategies is blogging. With a blog tied directly to your website, it allows you to write about topics relevant to the home care industry. As you make the content unique and useful, those who read the articles will feel inclined to share them with others and link it back to you. The more your content is read and shared, the more credibility it gives you, and frequent postings shows to readers and Google that your website is being actively managed by a person.

Creating an online presence is an essential element to your marketing strategy. With the internet becoming more and more prevalent in the decision making process, having a blog for potential clients to read will give you credibility in their eyes and make you the go-to source for their questions. In the end, when it comes time to choose a home care provider, potential clients will most likely pick the provider they deem to be the leader and authority in the industry.

Here are a few tips for setting up and managing a successful home care blog:

1. Determine Your Audience

Your target audience is essentially the people visiting your website. Here are a few questions to consider in determining your audience:

  • Where do they live?
  • How financially secure are they?
  • What cultural influences impact their decisions?
  • What stage of life are they in?

Try to understand as much as you can about your audience, and don’t be afraid to look at things such as race, religion, income, education and other factors. The more you understand your audience, the better equipped you are to reach them in your marketing efforts and the more able you will be to provide them with exceptional care.

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2. Define Your Voice

Your voice is the tone and attitude you use when writing to your audience, and there are many voices you can use, including serious, mentor-like, funny, empathetic, blunt and others. No one voice is appropriate for every topic, so it’s likely your blog voice will vary slightly, but it’s important not to bounce around too much. Keep the voice genuine and relevant to your audience. A good place to start for home care blogs is as a compassionate educator, and then work other voices. Choose a writer who will pay close attention to this voice and use it consistently throughout all the content you produce.

3. Create a Blog Schedule


How frequently you blog is up to you, but you should try to post new content as often as possible, especially if there are many competing home care companies in your area. While there is no magic number, posting once a month generally doesn’t cut it. Shoot for at least once a week, and anything you can do above that will only improve the results. Don’t forget to pay attention to what time of day you post as well! Followers are more likely to read blogs in the morning versus at night when they are with family or friends.

4. Brainstorm Topics

The most important aspect of a blog is the content. If the content is unpolished or irrelevant to your readers, you’ll never gain the momentum needed or you can gain the wrong audience which is just as damaging to your business. Sit down with a few members of your team and discuss the issues your clients deem most important. If you specialize in Alzheimer’s care, focus on topics related to Alzheimer’s. Try to schedule at least six months of blog posts, and revisit every four or five months to build your list back up.

These are the essential parts of setting up and managing a blog, but even after you have a plan in place, it will take patience and consistency on your part to see any results. You may write articles every week for a year, or possibly longer, before seeing any impact. Even after seeing an increase in traffic, it’s difficult to tie the increase directly to blogging. For this reason, many companies choose not to blog, which can be their downfall. Stay committed and keep writing. In the end, your efforts will be rewarded with an increased online presence.

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    Nice post.
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    Fabulous job on explaining the importance and benefits of having a blog for home care businesses! Your writing is clear and concise, making it easy for readers to understand the steps needed to set up and manage a successful blog. Your tips for determining the target audience, defining the blog’s voice, creating a blog schedule, and brainstorming topics are extremely helpful. You provide valuable insights on how blogging can increase a company’s online presence, credibility, and authority in the industry. Keep up the excellent work!

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