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First impressions are important. According to Psychology Today, the information we gather during our first moments with a person will affect how we interpret all of their behavior going forward. If you make a bad impression, it is extremely difficult to reshape that impression into something positive later. When it comes to your clients especially, impressions matter, and your client visits are a principle part of ensuring that the impressions you make are positive. Here are some basics to creating a positive client experience every visit:

Dress to impress

Whether you like it or not, clients will judge you based on what you wear. After only seconds people form lasting judgments on your level of confidence, success, and trustworthiness based purely on your clothing and appearance. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear staunch business wear to all of your visits, but you should always consider the message your clothing is sending to your clients. You should always look clean and professional and avoid clothing that is overly baggy, tight, or trendy.

Talk more than just business

Your business shouldn’t be the only topic of conversation. Though you may be making a visit to check in on your client’s care, you should also take the time to get to know your clients and their needs. When you arrive don’t start by jumping right into an interrogation about their care. Take time to talk with them about their day, their family, their concerns, etc. Let them know you’re there as an ally. Ask for suggestions. Prove to them that you care about them personally and not just business growth.

Be happy

Genuinely smile. Your clients will be able to read stress and preoccupation on your face, so take a minute to breathe, push your other worries aside, and focus in on this individual client. If you’re having a bad day, you may want to postpone your visits. No impression lasts longer than a bad one. It’s best to use your time to take care of what’s stressing you and save your visit for a calmer day.

Do your research

Before you make a visit, look into your client’s history. How long has she been with your company? How long has he had his current caregiver? Taking the time to ask about your clients will help improve your interactions with them. They’ll see that they’re more than just a number to you.

According to a Harvard University study, it takes five seconds to make a first impression, and it can take eight positive experiences to reverse it. Before you head out on your next client visit, take the time to prepare and organize yourself so that your first five seconds, and all those that follow, lead to a lasting good impression.

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  1. LPN July 31, 2015 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    When doing home visit for a client that is receiving home care, if it’s your first visit. to that client home, the first initial visit is always the most important one, when first meeting the client, you all ways wanna make a good fist impression no matter what.

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