When you meet with professional referral sources, you’ll likely be asked a lot of questions. But their decision to refer their patients to your services boils down to one key question: Will you provide quality care to their patients? When you meet with doctors, physicians, and other health care professionals, they want to know that when they turn over their patient, you will provide only the best care. Their job is to make sure their patients get the care they need so they can recover and have a positive outcome. They don’t want their patients coming back to them because they had a negative experience and didn’t receive the care they deserved.

Provide Real Evidence

How do professional referral sources know they can trust you and that you provide the best care to your clients? This is where proof of quality comes into play. Proof of quality is evidence that you provide quality care. This can include online reviews, client and caregiver satisfaction reports, and Best of Home Care Awards. Any home care agency can claim they provide the best quality of care, but can they prove it? By providing proof of quality to professional referral sources, you are building trust and confidence in your services.

At Home Care Pulse, we work with home care businesses across the nation to provide them with monthly satisfaction clients and caregivers reports that can be leveraged to show proof of quality care when working with home care referral sources. One of these reports is the Client Proof of Quality Report.

Client Proof of Quality Report


Client proof of quality report shows how your clients have rated their level of satisfaction with your home care business during the previous 12 months. You can show this report to a professional referral source as proof that your home care business has satisfied clients, saying: “We are proud of the quality of service we provide. We contract with a third-party company to measure our satisfactions, and based upon our client and caregiver feedback here are the areas in which we excel.” The client quality report is a tangible document you can take and show to professional referral sources.

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Another powerful way to earn the trust of your referral sources is through awards. Awards show proof of your accomplishments and set your business apart from your competition. As part of the Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program, home care agencies can qualify for Best of Home Care Awards based on client and caregiver satisfaction scores.

Best of Home Care Awards


Because the Best of Home Care Awards are based on validated satisfaction scores, it’s really your clients and caregivers who give the awards.These awards are earned through your client and caregiver feedback. Because of this, we can benchmark one home care business against another giving home care owner’s the ability to truly say they provide the best care. When you visit with professional referral sources, take your actual awards and certificates with you to show you have earned legitimate awards for your services.

Marketing to a professional referral source can be a challenging task, but with tools like the Best of Home Care Awards and Satisfaction Management reports, you can provide proof to professional referral sources that you will provide only the best care to their clients.

With Best of Home Care Awards and your client and caregiver satisfaction reports, marketing to professional referral sources is no longer about convincing them with your own words, rather showing them how your clients have rated your business and how you compare against the industry. Learn more about our Satisfaction Management Program and how your home care business can qualify for our Best of Home Care Awards.

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