9 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Millennial and Generation Z Caregivers

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At least 35% of caregivers are Millennials or Generation Z. When interviewing Millennial and Generation Z caregivers, it’s critical that you know who you’re speaking to and how to speak to them.

Like it the old fashioned way?

Last week we highlighted the 3 Best Practices to Recruit Younger Millennials and Generation Z. These younger generations bring unique skillsets and personalities to our industry. This week, we want to discuss the importance of what interview questions you’re asking these younger newcomers. We’ve found that many business owners are fighting the tendency to interview and train these young minds the same way they were twenty years ago. Here’s why that doesn’t work.

Many of you have heard or seen the words ‘millennials’, ‘Gen Z’, ‘iGen’, or ‘Post-Millennials’ pop up in the news, on your social media feeds or in conversations with family or friends.  The changes that come with each generation are crucial for business owners to identify and understand. Different generations come with different backgrounds, personalities, preferences and challenges.

For example, millennials typically expect more instant gratification and thrive with more frequent recognition and validation than many members of previous generations. As an employer, recognizing an employee’s preference of validation could completely shape your communication with them, the work they produce and the career path they’ll have with your business.

Phone etiquette is another example of an area where the right interview questions can make a huge difference. In the thousands of surveys we conduct with home care clients every month, we frequently hear about caregivers who can’t seem to look up from their phones. This is a problem that has appeared in recent years, particularly among caregivers that categorize in these younger generations. Addressing it in the interview can be an important part of mitigating it.

We want to help your agency understand the importance of tailoring your interviewing and recruiting efforts to the individual and not just to the position. 48% of caregivers are between 18 and 49 years old and 74% of that demographic are Millennials or Generation Z. It’s critical that you know who you’re speaking to and how to speak to them.

Questions to Help Reveal Character, Work Ethic and Compatibility

Interviewing Millennial and Gen Z caregivers can be a different game because of the different priorities and ways of thinking that different generations have. Here are 9 interview questions to help you better understand your Millennial and Gen Z applicants:

  1. Everyone likes to be recognized for their work somehow, but people like to receive this in different ways. How do you prefer to be recognized for your work, and how can we help you feel appreciated when you go above and beyond?
  2. How do you prefer to receive constructive feedback from your boss or supervisor?
  3. Describe for me a time when it would be appropriate to use your phone on the job and a time when it would be inappropriate.
  4. What approach would you take in teaching a senior to use a new app on their phone?
  5. How do you adapt to working with people that are older or different than you?
  6. What is your preferred method of communication with your employer?
  7. What kind of company culture are you looking for?
  8. How can we connect your goals/skills/needs to our opportunities as an agency?
  9. What would you do if you disagreed with your supervisor on how to best care for a client?

While these are generally useful questions to ask, ensure that you tailor them to the needs and circumstances of your agency and the individual. These interview questions should help you reveal the character, work ethic and compatibility of these potential hires.

“The population we serve is exploding, and the workers we need are becoming harder to find and keep,” said Stephen Tweed, Founder of the Home Care CEO Forum. The home care industry can greatly benefit from these fresh young minds. Asking the right questions in the interviewing process can tell you a lot about these younger generations and set the stage for their development and success at your agency.

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Community Service & Solving Problems

Businesses around the nation are picking up on these entrepreneurial, tech savvy, people-focused generations. Take note as a home care employer that Generation Z is more likely than any generation prior to solve a problem and serve a need. Understanding the passion these younger generations have to serve and volunteer could make a lasting impact on your agency and on this service-based industry. Start by asking the right questions.

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