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This month’s CORE Webinar was full of GREAT information! We were joined by ClearCare CEO, Geoff Nudd, and Home Care Pulse CEO, Aaron Marcum. They discussed tips on how to retain your caregivers and what to look for in a great hire. Here is a quick overview:

What happens during the tenure of a caregiver? In the first 90 days 81% of caregivers quit; however, after the first 90 days only 19% of caregivers quit. So how do you get them to stay? As Aaron Marcum said it, “It all begins with the hire.” The quality of caregivers you hire will determine if they will stay for the long term or quit shortly after working. According to ClearCare’s data, hiring caregivers who are tech savvy and open to receiving phone calls and texts is a sign that caregivers will stay past the first 90 days; also hiring caregivers who are over the age of thirty. Although you can’t deny a hire based on age, it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind that older caregivers may be a better fit for your agency.

Why do Caregivers Leave Early?

1. A poor hire.

Like previously stated, a poor hire is a sure way to determine if a caregiver will leave early. It all starts with the hire. If you are hiring not to fill a shift, but to provide your clients with the best care, you will have caregivers who are passionate about their work and will stay with your agency longer.

2. No connection to your WHY.

Humans desire emotional connections. We want to know that what we’re doing is making a difference in the world. Connecting your caregivers to your WHY early on will help ensure they share that emotional connection to your agency and their work.

3. No connection to your team.

Make sure your new caregivers meet with team members and talk to team members who are promoters of your agency. If your caregivers feel they are part of a work family that loves what they do, your caregivers will love what they do as well.

Why Do Caregivers STAY?

1. Shared WHY.

Caregivers will stay if they share your WHY. Connect your caregivers early on with your WHY and continue to reconnect them with it, and they will start to embody it.

2. Train

Train your caregivers often. Providing them training will show them that you are invested in their growth and education. Make the training real. This means that you provide them training on not only skills that will help them in their job, but also skills that they can use in day-to-day life. For example: budgeting, cooking, or CPR.

3. Appreciated

Show your caregivers appreciation! Let them know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Appreciation doesn’t have to present itself in the form of a raise but in gift cards, thank you notes, or gas money.

4. Your Promoter

Happiness is tied directly to tenure. If a caregiver is unhappy, they will only stay as long as necessary. Strive to make all your caregivers a promoter of your agency, and they will stay longer.

Here’s What Our Attendees Said

This information only scratches the surface on what Aaron and Geoff discuss in this month’s webinar. Geoff Nudd shares great data on caregiver retention that every home care provider should know. To learn more about retaining your caregivers past the first 90 days, watch the full replay!


Retain Your Caregivers for the Long Term

Watch the replay for ” Why Caregivers Stay: Retaining Caregivers Beyond 90 Days”

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