More Measurable Outcomes from CNA Inservices!

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Are your CNA inservices helping you overcome challenges with your nursing assistants and/or client care? If not, they should be!

Like it the old fashioned way?

It’s great to know that our inservices are helping health care organizations achieve measurable outcomes. Many customers tell us that it’s a “trickle down” effect; they save time and money with our inservices; the nurse aides add to their knowledge and skill set; and the clients benefit from being cared for by well-prepared staff.

Here are some more ways that In the Know customers have benefited from using our inservices:

“When I ordered ‘Understanding Depression’ from In the Know, I was really thinking of my employees. Gas prices were very high and it didn’t look like we would be having a increase in Medicaid reimbursement. However, since presenting the inservice, I have noticed in our aides weekly notes that they are more aware of their clients’ moods.”
Norma B.
American Healthcare Services
Mount Airy, North Carolina

“We love the Importance of Activity for the Elderly’ inservice from In the Know.. We really believe that keeping our residents active, alert and stimulated mentally as well as physically provides a better quality of life. New staff members have a hard time recognizing the importance of this. However, once we have them do this inservice we notice a huge change in their attitude and we see them get more involved with the activities. Some employees even come to us with new activity ideas that they would like to try. This inservice has really made a difference!”
Teri S.
Latter Days Assisted Living
Santaquin, Utah

“To assist our CNAs in stepping up, we cultivated a group of nursing assistant preceptors. We utilized a number of In the Know inservices as their course content. This helped the preceptors become the go to’ people for the other CNAs. The preceptors provide information and are seen as an on unit’ resource. They also take responsibility for insuring that all the nursing assistants also complete the In the Know modules.”
Stephanie W.
Deborah Heart & Lung Center
Browns Mill, New Jersey

Are your CNA inservices helping you overcome challenges with your nursing assistants and/or client care? If not, they should be! Give us a call today at 877-809-5515 and tell us about a current problem you’d like to solve. We’ll help you find the best solution…guaranteed!

Take care,

Linda Leekley BS, RN
CEO, In the Know, Inc.

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