Why Do Online Reviews Matter for Your Home Care Business?

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Online reviews are increasingly important for maintaining credibility online. Here’s how client and caregiver reviews can benefit your home care company.

Like it the old fashioned way?

You want your home care business to look credible; a company with which people can trust their senior loved ones will always be cared for and looked after. Positive online reviews of your home care business can boost the number of clients you take on. A large number of consumers, 87 percent, turn to online reviews when it comes time to make a buying decision. An impressive 92% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses, and 80% consider reviews just as important as personal recommendations according to SearchEngine Land.

So, if you are wondering, online reviews are increasingly important for maintaining credibility online. When a relative of a loved one is searching for the best home care business in their area, the answers are going to be at their fingertips. Most consumers will read up to six reviews before committing to a business or forming an opinion about it. These customer reviews can greatly impact the growth of your home care agency.

Another consideration for getting good reviews is caregiver satisfaction. If your caregivers aren’t happy with the work they are doing, it can translate into how they treat their clients. These unhappy feelings will contribute to negative reviews online and damage your company’s reputation. By using Home Care Pulse’s client/caregiver experience surveys, you can gain a deeper grasp of how your clients and caregivers perceive your business. If your caregivers have negative feelings towards the business and your clients aren’t receiving the ideal care, you can address those concerns before they turn into negative reviews.

Where Reviews Matter

Facebook and Google are where your business website will benefit the most from the most. Generally, most everyone has a Facebook account. As of January 2017, 34.08 million people over the age of 55 in the United States have a Facebook account and 47% reported they have used Facebook to recommend or review a business. This is great news! Using Facebook to review a business takes minimal effort, and they have an audience to go along with it. On Google, you can now see your Facebook reviews with your listing. Does this mean you shouldn’t worry about Google? Of course not!

Google Reviews are important to any business. Even though many of your target audience is on  Facebook, anyone can conduct a Google search; no login required. Where Facebook is a great tool for recommendations, Google can give a great overview of your company to those looking for a home care provider. If someone is unfamiliar with home care and the services in their area, they can quickly view where you are located and your reviews. The more reviews a Google listing has, the more trustworthy it is considered.

How to Score Winning Reviews

We have briefed you on why Google and Facebook reviews can benefit your home care company, let’s learn how to earn them. Seven out of 10 consumers will leave a review if they are asked. If a person mentions the care they or a loved one received was great, ask them to write you a Facebook or Google review. You may also consider sending a note in your monthly newsletter/email or making a social media post asking clients to write a review.

Every so often, check your reviews and make sure you are aware of how your public perceives you. Always follow up when you receive positive or negative feedback. This shows your clients you care about their opinion and you want to personally address their situation. This can help rebuild trust in a relationship you may have lost.

Home Care Pulse can help your company receive reviews from your clients and caregivers to post on Caring.com and to use in your marketing material. Schedule a free demo with our team to learn more about how these valuable reviews can benefit your home care company.

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