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Based on the data collected from home care companies over the years, it’s evident both caregiver recruitment and caregiver turnover continues to dominate concerns within the industry. As an increase in elderly in need of assistance creates a swell in demand, now is not the time a home care business owner wants to be struggling with maintaining adequate staff to take on the additional hours required to meet the demand. This is a subject we’ve addressed repeatedly during webinars, in articles, and through resources we continue developing. Below is a list of 12 we highly recommend you start with.

Caregiver Mentor Program Guidesheet


Retain and train more caregivers with a caregiver mentor program.

1. Caregiver Mentor Program Guidesheet

Giving caregivers the opportunity to mentor or be mentored by others helps build comradery between caregivers and has shown to help reduce turnover.

2. Caregiver Mentor Program Checklist

This is a great structure to follow in developing your caregiver mentor program.

3. 2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study

Among several other sections dedicated to data and information in-home care, the benchmarking studies include a section dedicated to Recruitment & Retention. This section provides data at a national level and regional levels regarding turnover rates, recruiting and training practices, compensation, caregiver recognition, etc. Also included are articles from experts with experience in recruiting and retaining caregivers.

4. Mentoring: The Often Ignored Key To Significantly Reducing Caregiver Turnover

Home Care Pulse CEO, Aaron Marcum, discusses reasons a mentoring program can boost retention, what the main components are in an effective mentoring program, and how to create and implement a mentoring program in this webinar recording.

5. Improving Caregiver Retention By Understanding Caregiver Satisfaction

Erik Madsen, COO at Home Care Pulse, spends 30 minutes (plus a brief Q&A portion) discussing how a greater understanding of your caregivers can lead to increased retention. Erik discusses how knowing certain aspects of your caregivers’ satisfaction (or lack of) can provide you insight and direction needed to not only lower caregiver turnover but also improve the quality of care they provide your clients.

6. Increasing Caregiver Retention Through Caregiver Recognition

A little recognition can go a long way in improving a caregiver’s job satisfaction. In this webinar, Erik Madsen provides examples of a proper recognition program that can be done effectively, regardless your business’ current financial position.

7. Caregiver Recognition Certificate Template

You can use this example certificate as a template to start providing your caregivers with something to signify accomplishments you want to recognize them for.

8. Why Caregivers Stay: Retaining Caregivers Beyond 90 Days

Aaron Marcum (CEO/Founder of Home Care Pulse) was joined by guest Geoff Nudd (CEO/Founder of ClearCare) for this webinar recording discussing what home care providers can do in those first crucial 90 days to increase their caregiver retention.

9. Caregiver Retention Guide

Recognition proves to be highly effective in retaining caregivers. This guide was compiled from data collected through Home Care Pulse and ClearCare. Learn about the top ways caregivers like to be recognized and get some ideas of how to brainstorm recognitions to provide your caregivers.

Caregiver Appreciation Ideas


50+ ideas for recognizing your caregivers and increasing caregiver retention.

10. Growing Your Home Care Business by Reducing Caregiver Turnover

In this webinar recording, Aaron gives some insight into caregiver shortage and highlights how retaining caregivers can contribute to your home care business growth.

11. Increase Your Caregiver Training to Decrease Your Caregiver Turnover

There’s an old story about a company debating the value in giving employees additional training develop their skill set. One asked the question: “What if we train them and then they leave us?” The other replied, “What if we don’t train them and they never leave?” In most industries, employees worth keeping stay because the feel they are being challenged and are given opportunities to grow and become better in their field.

12. Tips for Retaining Your A+ Caregivers

These helpful tips are more reminders of what you can do to keep your best caregivers on board.

These are some of the most popular of our many articles, tools, and webinars on caregiver retention. Several more can be found through searching our website. If you follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter, we also share content about recruiting and retaining caregivers quite regularly. Feel free to comment or contact us directly if there are specific questions you have.

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