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Working so closely with the health and happiness of clients, home care agencies have become reliant on customer feedback for growth and success. Without feedback, you’re left to guess how your decisions impact your clients and how satisfied they are with your services. Often we look for negative feedback to see what urgent matters need to be resolved, but when leveraged correctly, positive feedback can also serve an equally important purpose.

As a home care owner, it is important to have a system in place that collects customer feedback. Whether your team reaches out to your clients individually, sends out surveys, or uses the Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program, you need to have a system in place that provides a listening path. Once you receive feedback, listen and take action. Decide how you will utilize the testimonials and positive feedback to market your business and build your reputation. This will help provide the social proof you need to attract clients and earn referrals.

In order to thrive in a competitive market, you need to provide compelling evidence that your home care business is the best choice for a potential client. Positive feedback is one the best tools you can use to market your home care agency. Once you receive feedback from your current clients, compile it to communicate the bigger picture to potential clients. In other words, it is time to advertise your success.

What strategies are you using to market your business? Do you focus on referral marketing, or does your strategy mainly consist of consumer marketing efforts? Whatever your focus is, look for opportunities to communicate genuine, positive experiences your clients are having. Feature testimonials on your website, in brochures, and flyers, and encourage your happiest clients to post their experiences and reviews online. Familiarize yourself with the different reputation management websites out there. Do you know which websites consumers are visiting when searching for care? Testimonials and positive feedback go a long way to build trust with potential clients and their loved ones. Choosing a home care provider for a loved one is a major decision and one that won’t be made without lots of thought and research. Can consumers find positive feedback from your clients?

If you are already a part of the Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program, review your testimonial reports and check your Strength Index Report to learn what categories your clients rate you highest in. You can go beyond just sharing client feedback and testimonials as you share satisfaction ratings from your clients and caregivers to provide extra proof that you’re providing a superior service. Earning the Best of Home Care Award from Home Care Pulse is a powerful way to go beyond testimonials. Awards you have earned can be used to showcase your dedication to providing outstanding care to your clients, and also give you the extra edge you need to earn the trust of potential clients and their loved ones, and win their business.

To learn more about leveraging positive feedback, join us for this month’s free CORE Webinar. Home Care Pulse COO, Erik Madsen, will be discussing how to gather positive client feedback and use it to your full advantage. Erik will also cover some strategies and best practices for marketing and growing your home care business using positive client feedback. I look forward to having you attend the webinar!

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