headset_mainDo you look forward to receiving negative feedback from your clients? Maybe you should. When you take action, negative feedback can be more valuable than a glowing testimonial. Without feedback, you’re left to guess how your decisions impact your clients and how satisfied they are with your services. Though criticism can be hard to swallow, when you take the time to listen and respond properly, a negative situation can be transformed into a positive one.
As a home care business owner, it is important to have a system in place to receive and review feedback. By not having a system to measure customer satisfaction, you lose vital information and client feedback that can help build your reputation. At Home Care Pulse, we call this system our Customer Listening Path. This system is designed to gather and measure our customers overall experience through our Satisfaction Management program. Once we capture this valuable data, we strive to listen to our customers by taking action on the feedback they’ve provided us.
For our customers reading this, the Customer Listening Path should sound familiar. Our Satisfaction Management Program is, in essence, the Customer Listening Path. We capture and measure client and caregiver satisfaction, compile the feedback and data, and then deliver this information to our customers so they can take action. One of the most important elements of a Customer Listening Path is summed up in one word: consistency. If you are not consistently capturing and measuring satisfaction, quality improvement usually becomes inconsistent and random as well.
Once you receive feedback, it may be a natural reaction to take offense to negative comments, but don’t take it personally. Instead, recognize it as an opportunity to improve an aspect of your business that will impact more than just the individual who gave the negative feedback. Look at feedback as an opportunity for growth. People like to know that their concerns or problems are heard. It’s a chance to build your reputation and to strengthen your relationship with your client. Some of the best promotors for your business are those clients who provide negative feedback. When you listen to a client and incorporate their feedback, they become key contributors to your success. They will go from being detractors for your business to being promotors, which will ultimately result in more referrals.
Many home care providers are turning to third-party satisfaction management companies, like Home Care Pulse, to capture and measure satisfaction and feedback. By outsourcing this important but involved system, you will find that you and your team will not only have far more valuable customer satisfaction data than you could gather on your own, but you will also be better able to focus on consistently improving The Client Experience.
To learn more about managing negative feedback, I invite you to register for our free CORE Webinar, “The Positive Impact of Negative Feedback“, on August 10th and 24th. Kire Madsen, Director of Customer Relations, will discuss the importance of being vulnerable and how to make the proper adjustments when negative feedback is received. I look forward to you joining us.
Aaron Marcum
Founder & CEO Home Care Pulse


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