Three Cheers for These Outstanding CNAs!

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Here are a few more nursing assistants who are, without a doubt, role models at their workplaces.

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Isn’t it wonderful to read the personal stories of so many top-notch CNAs? Here are a few more nursing assistants who are, without a doubt, role models at their workplaces. They were selected by their supervisors and all of us at In the Know to be honored as outstanding CNAs:

Terri J., who is a star employee at First Care Health Services in South Boston, Virginia

Amber P., a dedicated CNA at Mobility Training and Independent Living Program in Madison, Wisconsin

Mari Beth H., a new CNA at Home Therapy of Austin in Austin, Texas

Carla C., who makes her supervisor proud at Pontotoc Nursing Home in Pontotoc, Mississippi

Cosmos A., who brings his unique perspective to Mother Angeline McCrory Manor in Columbus, Ohio

Supervisor, Teresa H., told us that Terri has worked at their organization for more than six years. She is loved and respected by her clients and co-workers. Whenever she has a client go into the hospital, she will call and/or visit them. Her clients sing her praises and never want to be discharged from her services. When Terri isn’t busy seeing clients, she is always assisting in the office with filing, faxing, copying or answering the phone. She is also in college part-time, taking classes to expand her career. Terri is definitely an asset to her organization!

At MTILP, Joan F. reported that Amber has been a dedicated employee for 7 years. She takes her work responsibilities very seriously, always looking out for the health and safety of their most physically challenged clients. She is also responsible for training new CNAs as well as overseeing the day-to-day personal care of the 24 clients that attend the MTILP program. Amber is a great example of an outstanding CNA!

Supervisor, Karen O., told us that Mari Beth is a new graduate of CNA school. Being a CNA is her second career after spending years working for the state. Although she is a new grad, Mari Beth has years of life experience which make her such an empathetic caregiver. Her nail care is so great that the patients look like they’ve been to the salon. And, she takes such care and time with her Alzheimer’s patient that the patient is often laughing and is so cooperative. Mari Beth is a real stand out at her workplace!

Kimberly G. reported that Carla is the best CNA she has ever worked with. She cares about her residents as if they were family. Carla goes beyond the Golden Rule, treating each resident the way she would want her own mother to be treated. Carla makes sure their makeup is on and their hair is fixed. If a resident is worried or scared, she takes her time and doesn’t rush. Carla goes above and beyond every day with her gentle touch and kind ways.

Supervisor, Susan C., told us that Cosmos is one of the most unique and caring STNAs she has ever met. His personality is outgoing and compassionate. When she needs someone to work another floor, he readily volunteers to go. If she needs someone to come in to cover a shift, he often volunteers for that, too. The job never seems to be a burden to him. Once, Cosmos initiated a wheelchair change for a resident because the resident looked uncomfortable in the current wheelchair. He pays attention to details and sees to the comfort and care of the residents with smiles and laughter. Cosmos is a top-notch STNA every day.

We also send a special “shout out” to Chastity B. in Cheyenne, Wyoming, who personalizes her client care by getting to know and treating each client as an individual. Way to go!

All of you deserve three big cheers! And, a big thank you…to Terri, Amber, Mari Beth, Carla, Cosmos and all the other devoted CNAs who go above and beyond every single day!

CONGRATULATIONS from the Team at In the Know!

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