Although recruiting A+ caregivers can be difficult, the hardest part has become retaining them. There are no guarantees when hiring a new employee, as some plan to keep the job and others continue looking for a “better” one. So, what can you do to help your caregivers be happy with their job and lower your caregiver turnover? Here are three suggestions that could help:

Provide Ongoing Training

Constantly letting your caregivers know your expectations and offering them training will show that you support their development as a caregiver. It also shows that you want your clients to have the best care.

Aaron Marcum, CEO & Founder of Home Care Pulse, says caregiver training brings four distinct outcomes:

  1. It allows caregivers to feel and act more professional.
  2. It sets clear and understandable expectations.
  3. It builds confidence in their abilities.
  4. It reminds caregivers to focus on client satisfaction.

One major problem caregivers face is a lack of confidence. Proper training not only makes them better caregivers, it also creates increased client satisfaction for your home care business.

Listen to Your Caregivers

One of the biggest contributors to caregiver unhappiness is a negative work environment. If a caregiver complains about a client being unprofessional, rude or violent, listen to them and act.

To help with these difficult situations try incorporating the following five guidelines:

  1. Do not keep a caregiver in a situation where the client is inappropriate.
  2. If the caregiver is a live-in aid, set strict guidelines for the client’s family members.
  3. Listen to caregivers who feel uncomfortable with a client, and make sure you fully understand the situation.
  4. Be willing to put your caregivers first, letting go of any clients who threaten your caregivers’ safety.
  5. Let your caregivers know you’ll be their advocate in difficult situations.

Give Recognition

The number one way you can boost your caregivers’ job satisfaction is to give them recognition for a job well done. If a client or co-worker comments on the hard work of one caregiver, pass that on to the caregiver and add your appreciation as well. Nothing makes employees feel more valued than positive feedback from their boss. Try writing a thank you note, posting the recognition on a weekly update, or making recognizing excellent caregivers as “Employee of the Month.”

By incorporating these suggestions, you can ensure the environment your caregivers work in is a safe and encouraging place. Making your caregivers happier will reduce turnover and save your company the thousands of dollars associated with training new employees. And ideally, if and when your employees do leave, they will remember working for your company as a positive experience.